Advantages of online recruitment for employers in Covid Times

Overall, we can all agree that the Internet has given us all access to huge amounts of information, and this enormous amount of data can make it easier for recruiters to identify the best talent for their companies. Online recruitment is a new concept that is here to stay, thanks to its great effectiveness compared to the more traditional methods we’re all used to. 

Given the importance of having the best profiles in a highly competitive environment, companies cannot sit back and wait for professionals to knock on their doors: they must adapt to the new HR trends. They need to do their own online search to connect with ideal candidates, interact with them, and most of the time recur to online platforms that help speed up the recruitment process. 

Advantages of online recruitment 

Now, why is online recruitment becoming more and more popular among employers? Its rise can be due to a number of advantages that this new way of recruiting provides: 

  • Target more candidates.

Posting a job advert in a newspaper is not ideal anymore: only a few buy the physical version of it and its visibility is much lower than online. Plus, there are no time or geographical limits to online recruitment. By posting your job advert online, absolutely anyone can access it and you can connect and meet potential candidates regardless of their location. 

  • Immediate recruitment.

Online recruitment makes everything faster, due to the speed of the digital world. You only have to wait a few minutes after posting a job offer to start receiving applications! 

  • Connection opportunities.

Online recruitment also helps to connect with other professionals. It doesn’t have to be just about posting a job advert at a specific time; but improving employer branding, connecting with other people, and even increasing brand awareness. 

  • Get to know candidates better.

The amount of information you can obtain from your candidates is much bigger with online recruitment: the experience and training on their CVs can be easily contrasted with all the information that they post on their social media profiles. This knowledge is very valuable: it allows you to get to know the candidate more thoroughly and check whether he or she will fit into the company values. 

  • More accurate analysis.

Online recruitment allows you to use technology that makes it possible to process and evaluate candidates faster. For example, online job boards such as StudentJob UK allow you to post your job advert in specific areas or level of education pages, making it much faster and more efficient for you to find the right candidate. 

  • Fewer costs.

Many companies benefit from significant savings by being able to reach numerous applicants at zero cost through job portals and social networks, avoiding having to hire more expensive recruitment companies. For instance, did you know that you can post a job ad for free

  • More personalized.

The Internet can allow Human Resources managers to create specific job offers or grow brand reputation according to their objectives and needs. Publish an ad on a social network to reach a large audience or limit the offer to a niche on a specialized job portal, for example. 

How to carry out your online recruitment 

If you need to get qualitative candidates fast, then you need to get on online recruitment. Especially during these difficult times, hiring can be quite difficult. Seek online assistance for recruiting during Covid-19 and learn about how the world of recruitment is adapting online under these circumstances. 


Another thing you can do to carry out a successful online recruitment process is to read about how to interview someone over the phone and which candidate type you should look for based on your necessities. For example, are you looking for an intern or a graduate? Have your ideal candidate in mind before paying for a job advert reading about employing young workers

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