BA-VideoTube, New Video Theme for WordPress

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WPOven  presents BA-VideoTube Theme. Check out it’s key features :

  • Completely compatible with “WordPress Video Tube Plugin“.
  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0, tableless Design.
  • Supports WordPress 2.9 and 3.0 with new wordpress 3.0 functions.
  • Social Sharing Options for Videos.
  • Custom Logo Upload option.
  • In-built Video Gallery Slider.
  • Custom menus support & CSS3 Drop-Down Menus
  • and much more…

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Top 10 best recommended Plugins for WordPress 2014

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Plugins are added to extend the functionality and features or enhance the current features of a WordPress website.

They can be installed from the Dashboard via the Plugins page.

There are certain plugins that you must have in all your WordPress websites and this article will be covering 10 best and most popular plugins which could help elevate your website functionality.


1. BuddyPress   (Free)


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Top 10 best video themes for WordPress (July 2014)

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One of the best ways to get traffic to your site, these days is to add videos to it. With WordPress and WPOven it has never been so easy to create a video site, that too in minutes.

One of the most important things for a  site is the theme. Themes can make or break a site. It doesn’t matter if the site contains the best content, if the theme is not good, it deteriorates the user experience and the users don’t stick around for too long.

There are thousands of themes out there today, and it is a real long and tedious task to pick out the good ones. So to help you save your time and effort, we have done extensive research and picked out the top ten video themes for WordPress currently available :

1. VideoPro (theme-junkie)


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All Plans Upgraded

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We are excited to announce that all our plans now have SSD’s for storage , And plans from Personal and upwards have double the RAM they used to at the same price.

New Backup System

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We will now be  introducing a new backup system in the next 14 days , Old one was having problems with larger sites with GB’s of data. Earlier one was based on a routing server for management of downloads , the new system will be directly interfacing with S3 and should allow for faster backups and easier downloads.

Full Server Backups now available

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We have now introduced full server backups for users who have large media sites. Backing and transferring these sites would usually consume time and resources and hence it was best to move this procedure to a lower layer .

Also its a great new feature for people running custom configuration and specialized setups which is not catered by our normal setup.

The interface can be accessed in your server panel.

Happy New Year !!!

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A Very Happy New Year to Everyone. We here at WPOven are working on many new features for WPOven this year and will try to post more updates and more regularly.

For the new year new feature we have made our Website Builder Free when used with your own hosting.



Updates : Instant Backup , Analytics for non WP sites and more

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Changes and features added in last few days –

  • Instant Backup Download with option of full , files only and database only.
  • Changed Site panel to allow for larger number of sites.
  • Now non-wp sites can also have stats and backups at WPOven.
  • Add free themes and plugins page