Happy New Year !!!

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A Very Happy New Year to Everyone. We here at WPOven are working on many new features for WPOven this year and will try to post more updates and more regularly.

For the new year new feature we have made our Website Builder Free when used with your own hosting.



Updates : Instant Backup , Analytics for non WP sites and more

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Changes and features added in last few days –

  • Instant Backup Download with option of full , files only and database only.
  • Changed Site panel to allow for larger number of sites.
  • Now non-wp sites can also have stats and backups at WPOven.
  • Add free themes and plugins page


WordPress Common Errors / Problems and there Solutions

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One of the  fastest way of finding the cause of the problem is to, first, enable the debug mode by placing these lines in the “wp-config.php” file:

This would help us in pin-pointing the exact problem.

NOTE : Don’t forget to turn debugging off after you have solved the error. 

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BA-Tube, New Video Theme for WordPress

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BA-Tube Video Theme. Check out it’s key features :

  • Completely compatible with “WordPress Video Tube Plugin“.
  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0, tableless Design.
  • Custom Sidebar widgets.
  • Supports WordPress 2.9 and 3.0 with new wordpress 3.0 functions.
  • Social Sharing Options for Videos.
  • Custom Logo Upload option.
  • In-built Video Gallery Slider.
  • Custom menus support & CSS3 Drop-Down Menus
  • and much more…

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WPBase-cache plugin features and advantages

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Currently a lot of useful caching plugins are available for wordpress. Most popular and successful among them are W3 Total Cache and Super Cache and Batcache. All of these plugins help improve speed of website and reduce page load time. This post is to make you aware of the features and problems of caching plugins.

How caching plugins works –

  • A request comes for a page with several request parameters including URL, cookies, referer, form input
  • WordPress generates a response page after parsing all the request parameters
  • Main page specific content depends upon URL but other things on the page may depend upon different request parameter
  • Caching plugin stores this response when the request to the URL comes
  • Another requests come for same page and caching plugin intercepts it before wordpress start generation of response
  • Caching plugin then checks if it has the response for URL in cache and sends that cached copy directly Read more »

Tale of a slow site

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We get asked a lot why choose WPOven over other cheap hosting say Godaddy , Hostgator etc or similar services Managed WP Hosts . Here is an example how we are different –

The Downtime

Recently a client from one of our other services approached us saying that his hostgator VPS is constantly very slow and hostgator support is constantly optimizing database , file system and adding plugins which is continually adding to site down time for days on end. When he approached at that moment also his site was quite slow since supposedly Hosgator was optimizing the database.  With constantly slow site he was in no mood to continue so we did not need much convincing more than “We will have you site up and working in hours” .

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WordPress optimization using nginx varnish and php-apc

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Now that VPS are becoming popular among developers for personal and professional website hosting, everyone wants to host their website on a fast and reliable vps. No doubt you have thought of having a vps powered website that is faster and fully customizable. But lack of knowledge about server administration and software configurations is the biggest hurdle for some people. This post is an effort to provide with a guide for vps configuration and administration for hosting a wordpress site. Most of the content is general and can be used for optimization of any website hosted on vps. We will provide commands for ubuntu server with root login over ssh.

Things you need for hosting a website –

  • Hosting server
  • Domain name
  • Server software
  • Website application
  • Database software

There are several hosting providers with different type of servers. Most popular type of hosting are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and vps hosting. We will be using vps hosting for this guide because vps provide us with maximum control of the server and is economic than dedicated hosting. You can get vps from any vps hosting provider, personally i prefer linode. Read more »

How to make your theme compatible with “WordPress Video Tube Plugin” plugin

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WordPress Video Tube Plugin is a Video Hosting Plugin used to add videos from any site quickly and easily and helps you create your own video tube or video gallery site.

The plugin was build by us because there were no free plugins to help you build a video gallery and the ones which were free just didn’t cut it.

At WPOven we already have compatible premium video themes ready to be installed in your site with just a few clicks (No coding knowledge or editing needed).

But if you are comfortable with a little editing and prefer to do it yourself, you can follow the tutorial below and make your theme compatible with wpbase-video or you can try our very own theme BA-Tube theme for free, which is already 100% compatible with WordPress Video Tube Plugin.

You can easily make any video theme compatible with wpbase-video using the following  simple steps:

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