How to change your Default WordPress Login URL

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WordPress login

If you have a blog on WordPress, sooner or later, you will come across a question about protecting your site from hacking. Even if you are currently reading this article and think that this will not happen to you, your site is not very popular, and even to whom it is generally necessary, then you are very mistaken.

The fact is that it’s not necessarily the visitors to your site or your worst enemy who want to hack into a site. This is done by various bots that are created in order to post their links or spam comments on the site, without deleting them. Even if now you have everything well with the site, you can look at the logs in the hosting admin panel, if your provider gives such an opportunity. Read more »

How to add Star Reviews to your site : WordPress Review Plugin

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WordPress Review Plugins

Most bloggers like to recommend their favorite products to their readers and all those who they know. If we really like any product or service, and we believe that they are really useful, why not recommend them to your friends and family?

WordPress is the most popular platform to have a blog. And there is no doubt that we must use any WordPress product — be it a plug-in, or a theme, or a service that we really like. We like it so much that we cannot work without it. Perhaps you would like to recommend this product to your friends. Or, if you are a blogger or a business owner, to our clients, visitors, readers or subscribers. Read more »

Easily Fix WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection Error

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Error Establishing a Database Connection

WordPress is the most popular content management system to create websites and blogs. It is very easy to use and allows creating powerful resources. But what if you create a website, enter the page and see that instead of page content your browser displays the following message: Error establishing database connection.

In the article, we are going to review why the error happens and the effective ways to fix it. This manual will be useful for all beginning WordPress developers. Read more »

How to fix WordPress White screen of death error

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White screen of death

If you have a WordPress website and you’ve been doing it for a long time, then you have definitely seen the WordPress white screen error. This is a very unpleasant thing. You are trying to open a page of the site, and in response, you see only a white screen, it can be on absolutely all pages of the site, in the admin panel and so on. The worst thing here is that it’s unclear what to do and how to solve the problem, when you can’t even access the wp-admin section.

In this article, we’ll look at what a WordPress white screen is, why it appears, and how to fix it. And it needs to be fixed quickly. Read more »

WPOven is now a CloudFlare Certified Partner

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WPOven is happy to announce a new partnership with Cloudflare, Inc. Cloudflare is a performance and security solution that protects and accelerates over 10,000,000 websites around the world.

As a Cloudflare Certified Partner, we’re providing all of our valued customers the ability to enable Cloudflare’s free plan across their websites. The users will be able to set the DNS records for there websites on CloudFlare directly from the WPOven dashboard itself. Read more »

How to add WordPress Donation Plugins to your site

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It’s no secret that many online projects use mechanisms to raise funds for charity. Someone creates a website for a charity fund, someone collects volunteer funds as part of a promotional campaign for the brand. It does not matter why exactly you collect contributions — would not it be convenient to organize fund-raising on your site without complex add-ons and tweaks? You can use the WordPress potential to collect money for charity.

As a rule, you think that for this you will have to install a complex plug-in or even a special theme, but you are not sure whether this superstructure will pay off and generate cash incomes.

That’s why you should try free WordPress donation plugins to collect money. What does this plug-in include? Read more »

Quick and Easy Fix for err too many redirect WordPress error

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err too many redirect

While working on your website on the WordPress platform, you could face some errors. One of the most popular ones is ERR TOO MANY REDIRECT. In Google Chrome, you will see the following notification: This page shows a circular redirect loop, in Firefox it will look like: The page is not redirected properly. Usually this error indicates an incorrect configuration in your WordPress settings file, and, as a result, there is a cyclic redirection — your site cannot stop the redirection process from one page to another. Usually, WordPress Plugins or misconfigured servers can cause this error. Do not worry because solving this error can be quick and easy. Read more »

Best WordPress Theme for Blogs 2018

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Best WordPress theme for blogs

Are you in need of a new theme for your blog but cannot on decide which one to choose? Worry no more! We have listed below some of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogs that are currently active. You can choose from a selection of the best WordPress themes available both premium and for free. Read more »

How To Setup WordPress Redirect Plugins

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WordPress redirect plugin

Are you looking for WordPress redirect plugins? As the name suggests, the redirect is a method to send a message to the users that the page they are trying to visit has been moved. When you set redirects, your website will automatically direct the readers to the alternate page.

You will need to set redirects when you thinking of deleting a page for a new content. Another reason for creating redirects is when you want to change the permalinks of a page. You need to set redirects to improve the user experience as it will have a direct influence on your SEO. Moreover, if you don’t set redirects it will negatively affect your domain’s SEO ranking. Read more »

The Migration Guide : How to migrate your blog from Magento to WordPress (WooCommerce)

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migrate from magento to wordpress

What is Magento?

Magento is basically a open source e-commerce platform. It provides online merchants, a flexible platform for shopping cart system. Magento also provides  powerful search engine optimization and wonderful tools for managing catalogs. It is flexible as well as it provides plugins to extend its functionalities. It also offers variety of themes from where online merchant can choose the theme which is perfect for them. Read more »