CMS Showdown : Squarespace vs. WordPress

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Squarespace vs WordPress

In our fourth post of our CMS Showdown series, we are pitting Squarespace vs. WordPress

If you are contemplating the idea of making your own website, it is always a daunting process to choose the right platform. You need to consider several factors such as cost, features, design etc. before making the best choice. If you are considering building a website for your business, it needs to be built in such a way that it should captivate the viewers and persuade them to buy your products and/or services. Squarespace Read more »

How to add Coupons to your WordPress site

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WordPress Coupon plugin

Are you looking to add Coupons functionality to your WordPress site ? You can do so by adding any one of the many WordPress Coupon Plugins available, but which coupon plugin is the best for your needs ? Coupon plugins are very useful in turning your WordPress into a coupon or deals website. For an e-commerce company, deals and coupons are a medium to attract customers. The customers tend to buy more products when discount deals are offered. WordPress coupon plugins Read more »

CMS Showdown : Blogger vs WordPress

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Blogger vs WordPress

The debate of Blogger vs WordPress has been going on for many years now. Every blogger faces this dilemma whether to choose WordPress or Blogger to get started with their blogs or websites. It is difficult to decide which platform from these two options is better for SEO and making money. Read more »

Make Your WordPress Website ‘Likable’ By Adding the Facebook ‘Like’ Button

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Facebook like WordPress

As a website owner, you will definitely like to generate maximum traffic to earn the maximum money. A great way to achieve this feat is by adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to your WordPress website. Facebook being one of the most popular social networking websites over the globe, can be a handy tool to increase visitors on your website. Having more than one billion active users, Facebook officially released its ‘Like’ button through which users can quickly share content on this social network website for reaching a wider audience and to advertise their products, companies or website. Read more »

CMS Showdown : Joomla vs WordPress

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Joomla vs WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are two of the leading, best and easy to use content management systems (CMS). Millions of people are using these platforms around the world which make these two the preferred choice among other website management platforms. These two platforms are often compared with each other that it sounds like a match, say Joomla vs. WordPress. Read more »

How to put your WordPress Site in Maintenance mode

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Maintenance Mode is a term you use when you need to take your regular site offline to perform software of content updates. People use maintenance mode to update their websites, make some structural changes or change the appearance. It may take a few hours or even a day to completely implement the changes that is why developers use WordPress maintenance mode. WordPress Maintenance mode allows the users to keep working on their websites while the visitors can have a look at the screen which says that the website is under construction or under maintenance. Popular sites use maintenance mode page to improve user experience because no one likes to visit and browse a broken site or link. On the other hand, new websites use maintenance mode as a “coming soon page”. Read more »

CMS Showdown : Drupal Vs WordPress

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Drupal vs WordPress

Drupal and WordPress are two of the most common types of management frameworks available online. While some prefer using Drupal, others are mostly and always in favor of WordPress. To understand both, it is important to start talking about what each of them is and what they have to offer. Read more »

What Is SSL? and Everything You Need To Know about it

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What is SSL

What is SSL ?

SSL is a name that everybody who has been on the internet must have heard for. Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is the standard security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between the browser and the web server. The reason why this link is built is that it ensures that all the data communication remains secure.

SSL, therefore, is definitely related to the security concerns we all have while using browsers and the internet in general.

SSL allows the sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit cards, and other login details to get transmitted securely. Usually, the data is sent between the web servers and browsers and is usually sent in the form of a plain text. However, if the attacker is able to intercept the data that is being sent between the web browser and the browser, they can still see the information and use it as well. Read more »

How to improve your WordPress site’s SEO

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WordPress SEO plugin

Search engines are a major traffic source for any business website or blog and that is the reason why most of the people are concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their website. SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality or amount of traffic to your websites from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. via “Organic” or un-paid search results in search engines. WordPress, as we all know, is a leading online website creation tool in PHP. It is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system. There are a number of WordPress SEO plugins that can increase the traffic to Read more »

All You Need to Know About the AAAA Record

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AAAA record

Domain Name System (DNS) is an internet service. It translates the domain names into IP addresses. It has two components::

  • DNS Server.
  • DNS Client.

The DNS server works as a global directory of Internet. They are also known as the equivalence of a phone book. Their functionality is to maintain a directory that comprises domain names and then to translate them into internet protocol (IP) addresses whereas a client’s function is to request for a host name which the server has to translate.

There are different types of DNS records. Although our main topic of discussion is AAAA records, we will briefly discuss some other types as well. Read more »