How to build an Easy and Amazing WordPress Forum

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WordPress forum plugin

Building online forums requires a considerable measure of persistence and here and there more than normal specialized learning. For amateurs this normally implies taking in another product framework from the beginning.

Imagine a scenario where we let you know that you can assemble a vigorous online forum inside your well known WordPress CMS. In this article, we will demonstrate to you the best WordPress forum plugin. Read more »

Top 10 WordPress Membership plugin

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WordPress membership plugin

There is no denying the fact that WordPress is the best resource for you to launch your very own blog, online store, or even a photo gallery. Apart from the typical use, WordPress can also be turned into a membership website with various free and premium WordPress membership plugins available for all kinds of users.

Whether you want to go for a free or a premium plugin depends on your need and usage. Each plugin satisfies a particular demand of the user, therefore, it is hard to say which one is the best amongst the rest because all of them are great. Here are the top 5 free and top 5 premium plugins which will help you with your WordPress membership sites: Read more »

The Ultimate Guide for WordPress Gallery Plugin

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WordPress gallery plugin

While WordPress has its own responsive gallery plugin with both free and premium features, its low ratings by community members show that it may not be one of the best options for photographers and photography enthusiasts to display images in a manner that is attractive and stands out. Listed below are the top WordPress Plugins, according to community users. Read more »

Things you should know about Ubuntu 16 & how to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

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Ubuntu 16

Linux is an open-source software that comes in a lot of flavors with fedora and Ubuntu being the most common one. It has been serving over 20 million users for the past 8 years and can be used over smartphones, personal computers, and network systems. It supports unity UI and is an open-source tool which encourages users to study it and improve on its working. This April, Ubuntu launched its much-awaited latest version; Ubuntu 16 also known as Xenial Xerus. This would require an upgrade from the previous version Ubuntu 14.04. If you are still susceptible whether you should take the plunge or not, here are a few reasons as to why you should consider the upgrade right away. Read more »

The Jetpack Plugin : All that You Need For Your WordPress Site ?

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Jetpack Plugin

When you are hosting a custom website there are so many features that you would want to have added to it that would make your life easier. Features that would provide security to your visitors, give you their stats, and help you manage your site properly. If you have your website on WordPress and are self-hosting it, there is one plugin which can solve all your problems. The JetPack plugin comes with around 24 different modules so that you can have the best experience using WordPress Read more »

How to make your WordPress site Responsive, the Right Way !

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WordPress responsive site

Today, everything is gradually moving from desktop to mobile. More and more often, the average user says that they access websites on their tablet or phone, rather than their home computer. As someone who owns a Wordpress site, what does that mean for you?

In general, this shift to mobile browsing means that your website needs to be mobile responsive. Read more »

Top WordPress Analytics Plugins

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WordPress analytics plugin


WordPress Analytics are essential as it allows you to know who visits your site. It also allows you to know the things that they did on your site, how many times they visited it, where they can from, the browser that they have used, the number of minutes or hours they have spent on it as well as what pages have been visited by them the most. In other words, it provides you a report that would allow you to optimize your site. Hence, if you are looking for what analytics to use Read more »

What Everyone Must Know About WordPress Payment Gateways

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wordpress payment gateway


Getting Payments With a WordPress Site

Okay, so chances are that if you have a WordPress built website, that you go through WooCommerce to sell your product or services. If you do not, well why not? It is much easier to have clients and customers pay upon request of what you have while looking at what they are supposed to be getting. This makes things much clearer to them, and easier on you in the long run. You get order numbers, what they paid, and can include other details along with the order. It is much more confusing to have someone email you, or talk to you over the phone, and then send you a check in the mail. Yes, the check will be addressed to you or your business, but that is not going to tell you specifically what it is for. Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress site backups

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If you are using WordPress to power your blog or website, then it is important to know how you can backup your WordPress site. There are a number ways how you can backup your WordPress Site, like using backup plugins, using the inbuilt WordPress export feature etc. Out of these the most popular is backing up through plugins. While using backup plugins, you can be sure that your files are protected, secure and being backed up. Here, we will discuss the effective ways for WordPress site backup : Read more »