WordPress caching plugin wpbase-cache

Plugin is developed to optimize wordpress deployment on varnish + nginx + php-fpm + php-apc server stack using three type of caches full page cache, db cache and opcode cache. This plugin includes nginx-compatibility, db-cache-reloaded-fix for nginx and database cache. This plguin also support varnish cache management with given default.vcl. We have included sample file for nginx and varnish configurations in utils folder. This plugin will automatically invalidate caches upon certain actions from wordpress admin panel.

Please note that generally shared hosting don’t have varnish + nginx as server software so this plugin will not work on shared hostings.

Download wpbase-cache

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  1. Keith

    Have been using this plug-in but when I activate the db-cache-reloaded-fix it generates a database error message. So I have had to turn this feature off. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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