Can I setup redirects on the server ?

What are Server level Redirects and how do I setup Redirects ?

Redirects are server side rules to handle incoming requests and redirect them for your visitors. The WPOven redirect tool redirects any incoming request for a Domain which is not added to your WPOven dashboard and redirects it to the destination set by you.

How do I setup Redirects ?

Step 1 : Access the Redirect section.

The redirect section can be accessed from your WPOven dashboard, from the ‘Server‘ section. You need to select the server to which you want the request to redirect to. Now in this section, you will notice the ‘Redirects’ tab. Click on the ‘Redirects‘ tab to setup the redirect rule.

Step 2 :Create a Redirect.

Once you open the ‘Redirects‘ section, you will see the Redirect Manager. Here you will be able to see all the redirect rules that you have setup for this server.

Click on the ‘New Redirect‘ button to add a new redirection rule. Here you will see a form that looks like the form shown below

The 2 fields for the form :