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My Domain hosting does not allow me to setup DNS records

If your Domain hosting does not allow you to setup DNS records, and only allows you to setup Nameservers, in such cases we recommend that you setup the Domain’s DNS via CloudFlare. You can use the Free CloudFlare plan and setup the required DNS A-Name and C-Name records there. Step 1: Register with CloudFlare (if […]

How to Disable Caching for your WPOven site

You might want to turn off WPOven server caching for one of your sites, hosted on your WPOven server. To do this, firstly you need to ensure that the WPBase-Cache plugin is installed and activated on the site. Next you need to login to your site’s ‘wp-admin’ section and navigate to the ‘Settings’->’WPBase’ page. On […]

SSL certificate buying guide

What is a SSL Certificate An SSL certificate creates a secure and encrypted connection between the server and the visitor’s browser, and allows for secure transfer of sensitive information like payment details. Which SSL Certificate to get There are primarily 3 types of SSL Certificates: –Single Website Certificate : Single Domain SSL, helps in protecting […]