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Cannot update Site/Themes/Plugins due to permissions problem , how to resolve ?

Sometimes permissions of the files and directories in you Site might go out of Sync and not allow WordPress to update them. In most cases it can be easily used by the “Fix Permissions” Tool. To Fix permissions open your site in WPOven , Visit the Tools Tab. In the availbile Tools use the “Fix […]

Where can I find my WordPress site’s Database login details

You can find your WordPress site’s Database login password and other details from the WPOven dashboard. Step 1 : Make sure the site is installed on the WPOven dashboard. Then navigate to the ‘Sites‘ section and select the site you wish to work on. Step 2 : Next Navigate to the ‘Advanced‘ Subtab and enter […]

Does WPOven offer cPanel access ?

As WPOven specializes only in WordPress, and because our service is a ‘Managed Hosting’, we do not offer cpanel access. Almost 90% of the functionality offered under cPanel is unnecessary. Our custom control panel is built and designed specifically for the needs of designers and developers who create WordPress sites. Our aim is to give […]

How do I access the PHP/NGINX error log for my account ?

To gain access to details required to view PHP/NGINX Logs: 1. Open the “Hosting” tab. 2. Choose the Server you want to know the details of. 3. Click on the “Advanced” tab, enter the password and click the “Show SFTP Details” button. 4. After entering the password you will see all the required details to […]