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How to provide access to your CloudFlare dashboard to our support team

If you are facing any issues related to CloudFlare or you are facing issues with your site after adding it to CloudFlare or you require any sort of assistance with any setting on the CloudFlare dashboard, you can provide access to your CloudFlare dashboard to our support team by sending an invite to [email protected] You […]

What does WPOven support cover ?

We are availbile 24/7 through our ticketing system , You may access it through the support icons in you left sidebar after you login. We also recommend going through the Knowledge base for for quicker resolution of most common issues faced. We have you covered under the following situations – * Problems trying to use […]

Does WPOven support a SLA ?

WPOven is very happy to support it’s Managed WordPress Hosting services with this Service Level Agreement (SLA). The remedies set out below are the Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for issues covered by the SLA. While WPOven will not modify this SLA arbitrarily, but may do so from time-to-time. 1. Service Standard We strive for […]

What is a ‘Mapped’ Site Type ?

The ‘Mapped’ Site type is simply used to map the contents of one domain to another domain. It would use the same files for the original domain. This is also used for Domain Mapping in WordPress multisite setups. The Multisite mapped domains require a different configuration on the server side. Creating a ‘Mapped’ type of […]

I can not find the language I wish to install my WordPress site in

While adding a site on the WPOven dashboard, you can install WordPress in any one of the following languages : – English – Arabic – Chinese – French – German – Japanese – Korean – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish If you wish to install the WordPress site in any other language than the ones […]

Introduction to the SEM Manager

The SEM Manager helps you bring more people to your site and in turn helps you grow your business. Search Engine Management (SEM) provides a way to track your website growth, user interaction, Keywords targeting and many more. Using the SEM Manager, you can get a closer look to your site’s analytics, Boost your site’s […]

Ewww optimizer plugin error “EWWW Image Optimizer requires exec()”

You might see the following error in your site’s ‘wp-admin’ section.”EWWW Image Optimizer requires exec()” We would recommend, if possible to use other image optimization plugins like ‘WP-Smushit’, which work equally as well as Ewww image optimizer. In case you wish to use Ewww image optimizer plugin only, you can contact our support team to […]