WordPress Client Manager & Portal

What is the Client Manager ?

The WordPress client manager is a perfect platform for Web Agencies, developers and Resellers alike. It helps you to manage, bill and invoice all your Clients and there WordPress sites. Being a white-label Client and Project management platform, you can customize it to suit your needs and make it look the way you want to and manage WordPress sites or Projects for all your clients from a single place. Your clients will never come across WPOven and will not know that you are running the platform through us.

All these awesome features available to you and your clients with no extra or hidden fees to WPOven.

Billing & Invoice

Integrated billing solutions for Web Agencies, Developers and resellers


Automatic Daily backups on S3 and single click download for your all your client's sites.

Unlimited Sites

No limit on number of clients sites that you can add or number of visits.


Site analytics for all your Client's sites like Visits, Page Views and other Traffic details

client manager custom login

White Label Solution

This means that you can quickly and easily customize the client panel according to your needs and your company's theme and provide a clean looking dashboard to your clients. You can add your company's logo, name, CSS and have the client panel URL as a subsite of your site.

Easily add custom Scripts to the client panel to make it your own. Add CSS and HTML to the WP Client manager dashboard to match it's look and feel make it look like an extension of your site.

The WordPress Client Manager and portal is a complete solution. You will not require any other project management plugin or tool to manage WordPress projects for your clients.

Custom Billing and Invoice

Bill each client individually and set custom pricing for each client's site or server. Choose between 'Fixed', 'Recurring' and 'Subscription' types of billing along with the currency you wish to bill in. Automatically generate custom invoices for your clients under your company logo and details.

Manage all your client's invoices from the simple WordPress client manager dashboard. Mail invoices to your clients with a single click. You can also view the status of each client invoice and also edit or delete them right from the WPOven client dashboard.

client manager tour

WordPress client manager dashboard

Clients Portal

Provide a great looking client portal to your clients. Add clients easily and create custom logins for each client.

Your clients can see the sites they have hosted with you in a simple and clean looking dashboard. They can check each of there site's traffic details like Number of page views and visits, Visit duration, Most visited URLs and much more.

Clients can easily view and manage there billing, invoices and subscriptions.They can see which plugins and themes are currently installed on there WordPress sites.

Managed Services for your clients

Your client would be able to manage and access there site's backup to Amazon S3. Site backups for upto 14 days would be available to your clients at no extra charge.

Clients can access there SFTP (Secure FTP) login for there WordPress sites along with access to Tools like Database manager, Lock / Unlock File Permissions etc.

Provide the client with the ability to contact your support directly from inside there Client Portal

WordPress client sites backups


Can I create VPS servers on the fly as I generate more clients ?

Yes you may create VPS whenever you wish and assign client sites to it immediately. You may assign as many client sites as you wish on the VPS.

Is the Client billing Automatic or Manual?

We support both Automatic and Manual billing. You may choose from either 'Fixed', 'Recurring' and 'Subscription' types of billing along with the currency you wish to bill in.

Will my clients be able to pay via PayPal

Yes, we currently support PayPal as a payment gateway. We plan to add more in the near future.

Is there a limit to how many VPS or Sites I can add ?

There is absolutely no limits. you can add as many VPS as you like and assign as many sites of them as you require. You clients won't know that you are running through WPOven servers or even if they are sharing the server with other clients.

Which WPOven server Plans support the WP Client Manager Panel

All plans above and including the 'Proffesional' Plan support the client manager and portal. You may buy the 'Professional', 'Business' or 'Agency' plans to use the Client manager.

Will my clients buy via PayPal under my or my company's name ?

Your clients will pay via PayPal under your name or your company's name only and not under WPOven's name. In fact WPOven will not be visible anywhere to your client. We also do not take any commission, so whatever your client pays comes directly to you.

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