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About Email List Cleaner

This is a small tool to help you in Email list cleaning. Given your mail list this removes all invalid emails and also if required free and disposable emails.

Enter your email list in the Input box above and click “Clean Email list” , It will generate a list which is clean as per your requirements. This tool extracts a email from each line and then processes it , if you have other fields in the same line they will be left as is. So it can be used to clean CSV lists also.

Frequenty asked Questions -

Do you store my Email list ?

No we do not store any email lists locally , All associated data is deleted once the request is completed.

Why Use it ?

Invalid Email addresses affect your sender reputation , and as a lot services charge per email they also add to your sending cost.

Do you verify MX records ?

No at the moment we do not verify MX records of the EMail server which the email belongs to.