Free SMTP Server for Testing

This is a Free open SMTP Server for testing email issues. You can send and recive email using any address and they will be caught and be available here. Last 20 sent / recived emails are shown. Saved Emails are deleted after 48 hours.
  • SMTP Server Hostname :
  • Port : 25
  • Auth : None

About Free SMTP Server for Testing

This free smtp server is a capture all server , which will log emails sent to it. You can use it for testing email functionality of your application.

  • Step 1: Simply use ( port 25 ) as the smtp server address.
  • Step 2: Send emails as you would normally in your application.
  • Step 3: Access the inbox by submitting either the reciving address or the sending address in the form above.
    If you are looking to check if your SMTP server is online please use the following tool : SMTP Tester

Frequenty asked Questions -

What is a SMTP Server ?

A SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server is a protocol for sending, reciving and realying mail.

What is username and password ?

This service does not require any authentication at the moment.

What are common SMTP ports ?

Most commong ports are 25, 465, 587 or 2525.

How is email Stored ?

Emails are stored for 48 hours and then deleted automatically .

Please recommend a Free SMTP Server ?

SendinBlue allows 300 emails per day - SendInBlue.