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host or ip address of your smtp server (example:

the default port is 25, but some smtp servers use a custom port (example: 587)
Send text Email.
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About SMTP Tester

This is a quick SMTP test tool to quickly verify if your mail server SMTP port is open and working , this also helps send an email using the same SMTP server to verify everything is going through and also if your username and password for the Email is Correct.

By default the tools will only do a handshake smtp connection with the SMTP Server to verify if it is working. It will also log the smtp conversation with the Server which can be seen in the log window below.

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Frequenty asked Questions -

Do you store anything ?

No we do not store any form inputs and they are only used to process the request.

What is STMP ?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP ) is the protocol used to Send Emails, it defines a common standard so that servers to communicate with each other if they plan to send emails to each other.

What is my SMTP Server address ?

SMTP address is stored in the MX Records of your DNS , To find the values you can quickly do a MX lookup using our DNS lookup tool to find the values.