7 Simple ways to protect your WP Business Site

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WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source CMS out there. It makes process of building sites extremely  easy . As WordPress is so popular it has a large number of plugins and themes available.

But popularity also means that it gets the unwanted attention of hackers. If you are running a WordPress web site, you should follow these simple rules to keep your site safe: Read more »

New ‘Site Locks’ to protect your site from Malware

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Seeing the recent increase in attempted malware infections, WPOven has introduced Site Locks.

What it does :

Locks the important WordPress files and does not allow any changes to them without authentication by entering the SFTP username and password. For Example if you have locked your site and you wish to Install / Upgrade a plugin or a theme, you would be prompted to enter the SFTP login information before doing so.

How can I do it :

To activate your site lock, you need to go to the “Sites” tab in your WPOven Dashboard and select the site you wish to lock. In the ‘Tools‘ section of that site you will see the button to lock or unlock the site.

lockunlock Read more »

Quick Tools added to better manage your site

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WPOven is happy to inform you the addition of Quick Tools, to your WPOven dashboard, to help you mange your site and fix common issues faster. We have added 4 tools for your convenience

To access the tools, simply login to your WPOven admin section and go to “Sites” and click on the site for which you wish to use the tools on. You can access tools under the “Tools” section as shown in the screenshot below.


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How to move local WordPress site to hosting server

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If you want to create a website, the best way is to start developing the site on your local PC server and save money on the hosting during the development phase. Once you are finished with the development of the site, you can then move your site over to a live server. In this article we will explain how you can do this.


  • WordPress Site on a local server like, WAMP or MAMP with full access, i.e to the database and all the files of the site.
  • Web Hosting that supports WordPress Sites and provides FTP access to the site.
  • Database Manager like, Adminer or PHPMyAdmin and knowledge of how to use it. We would be using Adminer for the screenshot examples for this article.
  • FTP Client like FileZilla.
  • Note down where on the site absolute paths are used. These would later be needed to change to the live server specific path. Read more »

Time to switch to Managed Hosting

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting ?

Managed WordPress hosting provides technical assistance by the hosting service, regarding all server and wordpress related issues. One of the biggest advantages of Managed WordPress hosting is that you get premium support straight from WordPress experts. Some people also describe it as a “5-star Hotel Concierge service for WordPress”. Read more »

Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress

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WP Project Manager  (Free/Premium)

WP Project Manager allows you to move your management functions in-house as opposed to having to log in to an external site multiple times a day. WP project Manager have a premium upgrade that cost up to $199 (WP Project Manager Pro) which gives unlimited site support.

  • Easily add projects to manage from inside WordPress
  • Collaborate with team members based on their user levels
  • Get an overview of your project list with a Calendar function
  • You control user roles, assigning managers, co-workers, and clients
  • Assign creators and limit project visibility
  • See current project statuses
  • Track milestones
  • Archive completed projects Read more »

Top PHP security vulnerabilities / risks

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Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render

PHP is an open source, server side language which is used for web development. It is an acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”.

Some of the main Advantages of PHP are :

  • FREE : Perhaps the biggest advantage is that it is available for free and therefore since it is open source, it is regularly updated by programmers all over the globe.
  • Plantform Independent: Runs on any OS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX etc.
  • Capable : It is build to design and run high traffic websites like Facebook and Twitter.


Even after being so popular and having a large community, PHP has some vulnerabilities as well :

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