The Smarter WPEngine Alternative

WPOven vs WPEngine

WPOven is a more simpler and affordable WPEngine alternative . Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching

Unlimited Visits

Unlike WPEngine which offers Visits based pricing WPOven offers bandwidth based pricing, Visits based pricing is problematic as bots, search engines and even people hotlinking are counted as visits. Due to this you may easily run over usage charges as its quite easy to run out of visits. While Bandwidth based pricing is much simpler and most will never run out of it unless hosting large multimedia content.

Unlimited Sites

From our experience most people have on average 3 – 5 sites , which would require a Professional plan on WPEngine even if those sites have little to no traffic. While on WPOven you may start with the smallest plan and grow as you need.

More Storage

One can never have enough storage, for the same value plans WPOven offer storage which is in factors of magnitude being offered by Kinsta. Buisness 1 plan ($100) from Kinsta comes with 10 GB storage which we think is simply too less, while a similar plan from WPOven charged at $79.95 comes with 80GB SSD storage.

Performance Comparison

Given below are the excerpts from a comprehensive hosting performance test done by Review Signal.

Test 1 : 1-1000 Concurrent Users over 60 seconds

Average Hits / Second445438
Average Response Time (ms)103117
Fastest Response (ms)101114
Slowest Response (ms)104127

Test 2 : 500-2000 Concurrent Users over 30 Minutes, 10 Minutes at Peak

Total Requests288,369348,796
Requests / Sec (at Peak load)217.85270.23
Average Requests / Sec 160.21193.78
Response Time at peak load (ms)581515091
Average Response Time (ms)283311

Annual Cost Comparison

To put things into perspective we have done a small cost analysis of owning a 3 Sites on WPOven and WPEngine with CDN and SSL on them.We assume the sites in total receive about 100K visitors per month.We have given costs of both the Hobby and a Personal plan as both can handle such traffic and sites but depends on number of plugins and the type of site.


Plans for Personal use

WPOven Hobby
WPOven Personal
WPEngine Professional
Basic Plan Cost

The Basic Amount you have to pay

19.95 USD39.95 USD115 USD
SSL Cost / Site / Month

The Basic Amount you have to pay

Over Usage Charges

If your site goes over 400K Visitors

NoneNone$1 per 1000 views
Annual Cost Annual Cost for 3 239.4 USD479.4 USD1380 USD
For a Freelancer or an Agency with about 15 Clients with 300K traffic.
WPOven Professional
WPOven Agency
WPEngine Scale
Basic Plan Cost

The Basic Amount you have to pay

79.95 USD149.95 USD290 USD
SSL Cost / Site / Month

The Basic Amount you have to pay

Over Usage Charges

If your site goes over 100K Visitors

NoneNone$1 per 1000 views
Annual Cost Annual Cost for 3 Sites959.4 USD1,799.4 USD3480 USD

Feature Comparison

Given below is a feature comparison between WPOven and Kinsta.


Server Setup

Dedicated VPS

All plans come with a dedicated Virtual Server optimized for WordPress

Dedicated Resources

RAM, IP, CPU and Network resources are allocated from the start

Server Stack

The selection of best tools for best performance

Hardened Server

Security best practices with firewall and DoS protection

Server Location

Pick a location for the best load times

,& Australia
US, Europe and Asia

WordPress Setup

Number of Sites

Build as many sites as you like, performance is limited only by VPS resources

Number of Visits

Visits limited only by bandwidth, if required more is available at low rates

Daily Offsite Backup & 1-click Restore

Amazon S3 based backup system in case things go south

Daily Malware Scanning

Anti virus and malware scanning, so you are not caught by surprise

Premium Plugins

Selection of best paid plugins available to give you that edge

Premium Themes

Premium themes for WordPress to get your site looking amazing

Site Builder

Custom built recipes having themes and plugins to create sites quickly


Client Manager

White label client Panel

Manage client sites using WPOven and let them mange them.

Support System

Integrated support system for your clients .


Basic invoicing to collect payments.


Support and Management

Uptime monitoring

We make sure your sites stay online no matter what

Yes Yes
Optimization Support

Together we can help make your sites faster for you

Yes Yes
Developer Tools

Developer tools like GIT , WP-CLI , SSH Access

Advanced Setup

Free Custom setup with tools like PageSpeed,Redis,MemCache etc

Anti-Hacking Support

Got hacked ?, Malware warning on your site ? ... no problem let us sort it out

Custom WordPress Dev Support

We handle all issues from troubleshooting plugins / themes to DB related issues

Free Migration Service

Free migration of all sites to your server


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