WPOven : A Smarter kinsta Alternative that is beyond Managed WordPress hosting

WPOven is a better and more affordable Kinsta alternative, that offers you a lot more features and flexibility on a truly WordPress Managed hosting platform.
kinsta alternative

Why is WPOven a better Kinsta alternative?

WPOven is a better yet affordable Kinsta alternative. Given below are a few reasons which may help make up your mind.

Unlimited Visits

Kinsta’s visit-based pricing is simply too restrictive and can easily cause overages as hits are counted for bots, crawlers, and even people hotlinking in.

Unlimited Sites

From our experience, most people have on average 3 – 5 sites, which would require a Business plan on Kinsta even if those sites have little to no traffic. 

While on WPOven you may start with the smallest plan and grow as you need and add as many sites the server can handle.

More Storage

One can never have enough storage, for the same value plans WPOven offer storage which is in factors of magnitude being offered by Kinsta. 

Business 1 plan ($100) from Kinsta comes with 30 GB storage which we think is simply too less, while a similar plan from WPOven charged at $79.95 comes with 80GB SSD storage

Anti- Hacking support

Got hacked? Or a Malware warning on your site? No need to worry, At WPOven let us sort it out for you. Just raise a ticket and rest you can count on us.

Custom WordPress Dev support

We provide tailored support for all your websites and handle all issues from troubleshooting custom plugins/themes to DB-related issues.

Premium expert support that helps to fix all your WordPress issues 24x7

With the help of our best WordPress developers and Expert support that have years of experience. We provide a complete seamless WordPress experience to our customers. From onboarding to troubleshooting problems, we take care of all your wordPress headache 24x7.

Scale your website without any limitations and burning a hole  in your pocket  with  WPOven's  Fastest, Dedicated  and Secure Servers located globally.

Kinsta thinks they charge a
premium for their premium services

Why burn your pocket to get limited premium services if better choices with, premium features at affordable rates are available around you. But kinsta restricts you with their limited services at higher prices.

At Kinsta:

1. Only limited to WordPress and doesn’t support other PHP-based applications. 
2. Exclusive to only Google cloud and doesn’t allow the flexibility to choose any other cloud services provider. 
3. Certain plugin restrictions 
4. No Whitelabel client panel 
5. No support system 
6. No invoicing No site builder

At WPOven:

1. Well optimized for WordPress and also support other PHP-based applications via SSH.
2. A white-label client panel is available
3. Complete virtual as well as Premium Expert support system available.
4. custom-built recipes having themes and plugins to create sites quickly
5. Unlimited Staging 
6. Free Email
7. Unlimited visits and Multisite hosting and many more.

Performance Comparison

Given below are the excerpts from a comprehensive hosting performance test done by Review Signal.

500-3000 Concurrent Users over 30 Minutes, 10 Minutes at Peak

What Review Signal Says

Kevin Ohashi

Founder, ReviewSignal.com

WPOven on ReviewSignal's Hosting Performance Test

Kinsta and WPOven handled this test without issue. Kinsta had 1 error between both load tests WPOven handled this test without issue. 

Good uptime, 1 cumulative error on the load tests. Great job. Another repeat Top Tier performance from WPOven

Annual Cost Comparison

To put things into perspective we have done a small cost analysis of owning 3 Sites on WPOven and Kinsta with CDN and SSL on them.
We assume the sites in total receive about 100K visitors per month. We have given costs of both the Hobby and a Personal plan as both can handle such traffic and sites but depends on number of plugins and the type of site as well.


For a Freelancer or an Agency with about 15 Clients with 300K traffic.

WPOven helps you to set up and scale your website with a
Complete support system
at very affordable rates.

Partner in Your 

WPOven not just provides you with a Best Managed WordPress hosting experience but also helps to nurture and scale your website with virtual Growth support.

Beyond Just WordPress Hosting

Although the WPOven platform is well optimized for WordPress hosting, we also provide SSH logins through which users can host their coded website or other popular PHP-based CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Unlimited Websites

Host and grow as many websites as you want from a single account as long as your server can easily handle them. No need to pay extra charges.

Save Time and Money With WPOven 
Managed WordPress  Hosting

Feature Comparison

Given below is a feature comparison between WPOven and Kinsta.

Server Setup





What Our Clients Say

  • Veena Azmanov

    "I came to WP Oven at a time when I really needed help because my site was hacked and my hosting company at that time refused to help me. I was stressed and frustrated."
  • Pavan Iyengar

    "By far the best dedicated VPS WP hosting services. The service is amazing. A company which truly values it’s customers. Keep up the good work guys!"
  • Fabio Cantelli

    "I moved from my old hosting, a dedicated server, to WPOven about 2 weeks ago. The reason why I moved was that, even if my dedicated hosting was not expensive and quite powerful,"
  • Fidel Navamuel

    "I was surprised by the quality and the speed of the WPOven support team . You can forget all the worries related to viruses, malware and other malfunctions. WPOven is there when you want"
  • Penina Petersen

    "This is a great hosting company. My sites all work perfectly here. I’ve never had an issue. The dashboard is easy and simple to use. The guys always help me if I need support"
  • Christine Preusler

    "No matter what type of business site you’re cooking up, WPOven’s fully managed WordPress hosting solutions provide users with the resources they need for a robust online presence."
  • Enrico Mingiacchi

    "Fast platform and reliable servers are just the beginning. A knowledgeable, quick and incredibly useful support is what really sets WPOven apart from the rest"
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Frequently Asked

See All Faqs

Is WPOven more affordable than kinsta?

Yes, WPOven is a user-centric hosting platform that believes in providing premium features and services at affordable rates. Whereas, Kinsta charges you the premium for their premium services but with certain limitations or restrictions. Why go for the expensive side, if you have a more reliable and affordable option offered by the best Web hosting service provider.

Why WPOven is better-Managed WordPress hosting than kinsta?

WPOven offerers you flexibility and True Managed WordPress hosting experience without any restrictions or limitations at very affordable rates. No limitation in website hosting from a single account, no limitation of the number of site visits, and more storage at cheaper rates. But, at kinsta each time you increase the number of visits or host multiple sites you are asked to pay for the premium, and that too at almost double rates.

How Secure is Your platform?

Since you are on Managed WordPress Hosting, you do not need to worry much about your website security. We take all the industry’s finest security measures such as deploying server as well as platform-level Firewalls, regular malware scanning and cleaning for possible threats, and DoS protection. These all top-notch security hardening techniques make your website safe and secure. 

No matter whichever plan you choose or How big or small a website is, all customers are hosted on secured WordPress hosting. As long as you are on WPOven managed WordPress web hosting, Be assured that you are in the safest environment possible.

Do you offer any Discount for annual payments ?

Yes ! We offer a substantial discount on every annual plan payment for your managed server hosting plans. So you pay a lot less for a one year server Subscription.

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