WPOven: A Smarter
KInsta Alternative

WPOven is a better and more affordable Kinsta alternative, that offers you a lot more unique premium features and flexibility on a truly WordPress Managed hosting platform.
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Short Story about
Kinsta and WPOven

WPOven and Kinsta are two renowned web hosting businesses in the Managed WordPress hosting category. Where WPOven started its web hosting services back in 2012 and has successfully hosted flag globally for offering affordable, reliable, and Fastest Fully Managed web hosting services.
Kinsta was founded in 2013 with a vision of creating the best hosting platform in the world.  Despite being in the hosting business for quite a long time, users are now looking for its alternative due to its expensive price tag and other reasons.

WordPress Sites Deserves to be
Fast with No Downtime

You cannot take the speed and downtime issues of the website for granted. Or else, your business is on the line. At WPOven, we ensure lightning-fast speed and a 100% uptime guarantee. 
While Kinsta settles for 99.90%, every fraction matters for your ecommerce or agency business success. Trust WPOven for reliability that fuels your growth.
rapid growth

How Kinsta Can
Slow Down Your Growth?

In terms of Managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta fails in some areas:
◉ Expensive Pricing
 Lesser uptime 99.90% 
 No Free CDN and Email hosting
 Email Restrictions on Usage and Storage 
 Less out-of-the-box features 
 A limited number of visits

Performance Optimized

What's the
WPOven Advantage?

We are not just affordable but proving More than what you are paying for. 
Check it out by yourself!

Powerpack Performance Servers: Upto 100% SLA!

custom dev support
At WPOven, we provide only dedicated servers and no sharing of resources. Truly One client one server! You might be thinking Kinsta has 99.90% uptime How is it possible 100% SLA in WPOven?  Here is the How:
◉ Edge Caching
◉ WProcket (Integrated)
◉ Dedicated VPS
◉ Nginx, PHP 7.3, Varnish, Redis and PageSpeed
◉ Top-notch Linux-based Linode Servers
◉ Well Optimized and Custom Configured Servers 

Complete Peace of Mind hosting!: Reliable, Secure & Hassel Free

Dedicated Servers
We take care of your website’s critical tasks in our hands. Our Expert team will carefully handle and manage your website’s critical functions smoothly so that you can focus on scaling your business stress-free.
◉ Fully Managed WordPress hosting
◉ Daily Offsite Amazon S3-based e Backup & 1-click Restore
◉ Daily Malware removal and Scanning
◉ Free hassle Free Website Migration
◉ Assured Zero downtime during migration
◉ Complete  DEV support Assistance

Go Unlimited features: Less Restriction More Freedom

users demand
We believe clients deserve the freedom to scale their business and should have no roadblocks in the journey of their successful business. That's why we provide flexible solutions tailored to your growth, ensuring seamless scalability and unhindered progress every step of the way. 
◉ Unlimited Site Hosting
◉ Unlimited one-click staging and  syncing
◉ Unlimited Free Migration
◉ Unlimited number of Visits

More SSD Storage Less Price: Fast, Secure, and More

Optimized space for WordPress
One can never have enough storage, for the same value plans WPOven offers storage which is in factors of magnitude being offered by Kinsta.
Business 1 plan $96/month (Billed Annually)  from Kinsta comes with 30 GB storage which we think is simply too little. 

While a similar plan from WPOven charged at $66.61/month (Billed annually) comes with 80GB SSD storage

Custom WordPress Dev Support: Assistance 24x7

premium 24 support
With the help of our best WordPress developers,  experts and Engineers support team, boasting years of experience, we offer a complete seamless WordPress experience to our customers. 

Plus we provide tailored support for all your websites and handle all issues from onboarding to troubleshooting custom plugins/themes to DB-related issues. Also, we take care of all your WordPress headaches 24/7, ensuring your journey is smooth and stress-free.

Anti-Hacking Support: Bye to Threats!

Security and Malware Taken Care of
Got hacked? Or received a malware warning on your site? No need to worry. At WPOven, let us sort it out for you. Just raise a ticket, and you can count on us.
◉ Hardened Servers
◉ Free SSL Certificate and WAF
◉ Firewall and DOS protection for enhanced defense
◉ Updated with the latest security technology to stay                ahead of threats
◉ Bot Protection to mitigate automated attacks

WPOven: A Serious Web Hosting Provider for
Businesses Serious about Scaling.

Fuel Your Business Growth with WPOven's Reliable Hosting for Some Serious Business.
Fastest Server Stack

Tailored Plans for Businesses

WPOven better knows every business's needs and pain points of our clients. Thus offering, different plans for Businesses of all sizes.
SEO Optimized

Blazing fast 

WPOven servers are power-packed loaded with advanced technology and installed with the latest software for delivering optimum performance. 

Go Unlimited 

WPOven's 'Go unlimited' feature offers limitless sites, staging, and migration, plus a complimentary email account, setting it apart.

Stats and Numbers Speak
Louder Than Words

See How Kinsta can slow down your business and ROI. Unbelievable? 
Check out the Test Results then!

500-3000 Concurrent Users over 30 Minutes, 10 Minutes at Peak

Features WPOven Kinsta
Total Requests
438,758 425,597
1 1
Requests / Sec (at Peak load)
342.95 332.65
Average Requests / Sec
243.75 236.44
Response Time at peak load (ms)
10,051 10,017
Average Response Time (ms)
370 377

Annual Cost

To put things into perspective we have done a small cost analysis of owning 3 Sites on WPOven and Kinsta with CDN and SSL on them. 
We assume the sites in total receive about 100K visitors per month. We have given costs of both the Hobby and a Personal plan as both can handle such traffic and sites but depends on number of plugins and the type of site as well.

Plans for Personal Use

Features WPOven Hobby WPOven Personal Kinsta Business
Basic Plan Cost

The Basic Amount you have to pay

19.95 USD 39.95 USD 100 USD
SSL Cost / Site / Month

The Basic Amount you have to pay

Free Free Free
Annual Cost

Cost analysis of owning 3 Sites

239.4 USD 479.4 USD 1000 USD

For a Freelancer or an Agency with about 15 Clients with 300K traffic.

Features WPOven Professional WPOven Agency Kinsta Business
Basic Plan Cost

The Basic Amount you have to pay

79.95 USD 149.95 USD 300 USD
SSL Cost / Site / Month

The Basic Amount you have to pay

Free Free Free
Annual Cost

Cost analysis of owning 3 Sites

959.4 USD 1,799.4 USD 3000 USD

WPOven Vs Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting: 
In a nutshell

Unveil the Ultimate Hosting Showdown. 
Discover the key differences and choose the perfect fit for your website needs.
Key Features WPOven Kinsta
Plan starts at
$16.61 / m (Billed annually) $30 / m (Billed annually)
No. of website hosting
Unlimited 1
Free Email Hosting
Yes No
Monthly No. of Visits
Unlimited visits/month 400K
Unlimited Free 1
20 GB SSD 10 GB
White Label Client panel
tick cross
Direct client billing/invoicing
tick cross
Managed WordPress hosting
tick cross
Support System for clients
tick cross

Frequently Asked Questions on 
Kinsta Alternatives?

We are not just beating the bush!! Check it out by yourself!

My WordPress site got hacked. Can you help?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of anti-hacking experts, including WordPress developers, WordPress experts, and engineers at WPOven. Let us sort it out for you. Just raise a ticket, and you can count on us.

Will the hosting cost go up after 1 year?

No, at WPOven, all our pricing plans are either billed annually or monthly. There are no hidden charges, renewal fees, or over-usage charges based on your website traffic.

Will you transfer my site?

Yes, WPOven offers completely Free website migration services, ensuring your site stays active throughout the process with zero downtime. At WPOven, our dedicated DEV Support team assists in seamless website transfers, ensuring uninterrupted service for your users. We securely copy your website's files and databases, transfer them to our servers, complete DNS propagations, and finalize the migration seamlessly.

How secure is WPOven?

Website security is our utmost priority at WPOven, which is why our Managed WordPress hosting is built on advanced security practices, along with multilayer protection systems, making it difficult for hackers to breach.

◉ Hardened Servers
◉ Free SSL Certificate and WAF
◉ Firewall and DOS protection for enhanced defense
◉ Updated with the latest security technology to stay ahead of threats
◉ Built-in Bot Protection to mitigate automated attacks
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WPOven is the best Managed WordPress hosting for agencies and businesses that want to succeed. With Unlimited sites hosting option, its easy to use and manage, so you can focus on growing your business. 
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