How to create a Live Stream on your WordPress site

live stream on WordPress We are living in the era of technology and development. We can now easily talk to someone from a different continent and that too without the signal even breaking! The 21st century brought many changes with it, the internet is the best example. The internet has changed everything, from the way we communicate to the way we see the world. The internet has even changed the people we idolize. People now prefer people with substance instead of just a good face; …

How to Add a WordPress Favicon to Your Website? (3 Methods)

WordPress Favicon
While browsing a website, you must have noticed a tiny image that appears next to your WordPress website title, these tiny images are popularly known as WordPress Favicon. First Introduced in March 1999 by Microsoft along with Internet Explorer 5’s new added feature “Favorite” tab. Microsoft has changed the name of bookmarks as Favorites in their Internet Explorer 5 version and provided with an option to include favorite icons just beside the URLs. These Favorite icons are now spoken out as “Favicon“. …

Black Friday | Cyber Monday Sale 2019 | Upto 50% OFF

Black Friday Sale
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How to Easily Flush DNS Command Cache (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Flush DNS Command Cache
This is a comprehensive guide that will enable you to flush the DNS command cache without any tech support. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. When a website or a web application is hosted on a server, irrespective of whether it is Linux-based or Windows-based, a specific decimal-separated series of numbers is assigned to it, which is technically known as an IP address. DNS is just like an English translation of these numbers. When a website address is entered into a web browser it looks for its DNS, …

Learn how to make website SEO friendly in 3 easy steps!

Make Your Website SEO Friendly
Everyone wants to make their websites SEO friendly and get featured in SERP’s the more visibility you have the better you perform. For that you need to create your own website and Everyone knows that WordPress is the most reliable Content Management System for website creation. According to the stats: Currently, 32.5% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress Around 22% of U.S.-based websites are using WordPress 661 new WordPress websites are built every day 25% of WordPress users make a full-time living by having their websites on this platform In general, …