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How to Easily Flush DNS Cache (Windows, Mac, Linux)

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DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. When a website or a web application is hosted on a server, irrespective of whether it is Linux based or Windows based, a specific decimal separated series of numbers is assigned to it, which is technically known as IP address. DNS is just like english translation of these numbers. […]

How to Fix Error 403 : Forbidden Error for WordPress

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There are some HTTP status codes defined by Microsoft’s Internet Information Services which is considered standard internet codes.These codes are used by web servers to communicate with your web browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.). These codes are defined within the http header. In normal circumstance when website is working fine the server sends Status […]

The WordPress REST API : Getting started Guide

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What is an API Web Applications are no more a standalone entity. They need to communicate with third party entities for better outcome and instant real time data. In order to communicate with third party components they need a medium and protocol to do that. Such defined protocols are known as API, or Application Programming […]

How to activate free CDN on WordPress site

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We will certainly not be mistaking saying that website performance is the most important thing for every online user. Many website owners work hard to improve it and make it work smoothly no matter where the visitor is located.One of the most effective tools to improve their website performance is using the CDN — Content […]

The essential guide to WordPress Robots txt

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If you are a business owner and use the WordPress website to communicate with your customers, it is vital for you to promote it in the search engines. Search engine optimization includes a lot of important steps. One of them is building a good robots.txt file. What do you need this file for? What is […]

WooCommerce vs Shopify

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Running an online store has never been easier. There are a lot of multi-functional e-commerce platforms, each of which has its own benefits. But the two most popular solutions are Shopify and WooCommerce. Determining which one to choose for your small business depends largely on your individual needs. Both platforms offer attractive designs, product variations, […]

Stripe vs PayPal

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PayPal and Stripe are online payments processing tools. Due to the many interrelated products, ranging from mobile payments to financial services, we can say for sure that PayPal is almost the industrial standard. And Stripe, whose name is not always known by online users in many countries, has a long list of very popular customers […]