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How to make your WordPress site Responsive, the Right Way !

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Today, everything is gradually moving from desktop to mobile. More and more often, the average user says that they access websites on their tablet or phone, rather than their home computer. As someone who owns a Wordpress site, what does that mean for you? In general, this shift to mobile browsing means that your website needs […]

Top WordPress Analytics Plugins

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  WordPress Analytics are essential as it allows you to know who visits your site. It also allows you to know the things that they did on your site, how many times they visited it, where they can from, the browser that they have used, the number of minutes or hours they have spent on it […]

What Everyone Must Know About WordPress Payment Gateways

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  Getting Payments With a WordPress Site Okay, so chances are that if you have a WordPress built website, that you go through WooCommerce to sell your product or services. If you do not, well why not? It is much easier to have clients and customers pay upon request of what you have while looking […]

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress site backups

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If you are using WordPress to power your blog or website, then it is important to know how you can backup your WordPress site. There are a number ways how you can backup your WordPress Site, like using backup plugins, using the inbuilt WordPress export feature etc. Out of these the most popular is backing […]

How to add a Bitcoin Donate Button to your WordPress site?

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  What is Bitcoin ? Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become very popular recently. There are numbers of online merchants who have started accepting payments in Bitcoins. Many people would still consider bitcoin to be somewhat of an alien territory wherein they actually don’t want to step on however once you learn how to utilise the […]

Top 4 WordPress Migration Plugins

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Do you wish to migrate the project of your client from local development and wants something new that will help you create better change, then it is the right time for you to opt with WordPress Migration plugins. There are lot of reasons why you need to use it rather than making things manually. By this, […]

WordPress Search Plugins : which one is the Best

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If your website is all about offering user convenience one feature that you definitely need in your website is good search functionality. People prefer to search quickly rather than browsing through the pages to find the content they are looking for on your website, specially if you have loads and loads of content on your […]

The Best WordPress CRM plugins for your Business

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  What is CRM CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It basically manages and analyses data on how a business interacts with it’s customers and how can it help to retain customers. WordPress is one of the faster growing platforms on the web today. A large number of business have setup there sites with WordPress CRM plugins […]

How to submit WordPress site to Google News ?

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What are the reasons why many WordPress site owners would want to be picked up by Google News? Will there be numbers of benefits or advantages to be experienced? Will it help the site to be on top among others? There are indeed numbers of perks if your WordPress site is being picked up by […]