BA-Black-Tube, New WordPress Video Tube Theme from WPOven

WPOven presents BA-Black-Tube WordPress Video Theme.

Key Features

  • Completely compatible with “WordPress Video Tube Plugin“.
  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0, tableless Design.
  • Custom Sidebar widgets.
  • Supports WordPress 2.9 and 3.0 with new WordPress 3.0 functions.
  • Social Sharing Options for Videos.
  • Custom Logo Upload option.
  • In-built Video Gallery Slider.
  • Custom menus support & CSS3 Drop-Down Menus
  • and much more…


 Installation Instructions 

To install the theme to your WordPress installation :

  1. Download the zip file from the link provided above.
  2. Unzip the contents of the file in your “wp-content/themes/” folder.
  3. From the admin area of your WordPress installation (““) click on the Appearance tab and select themes.
  4. Activate the BA-tube theme.






14 Replies to “BA-Black-Tube, New WordPress Video Tube Theme from WPOven”

  1. how the slide bar work i m not able to see any slide show in my site i just installed it as a demo to test the script to implement it on main site can u please guide me how slide bar shows posts

    1. Hi

      Just add a tag as “featured” in the Videos you want to be displayed in the Slider.
      Hope it helps.


  2. and ur plugin is only compatible with this 3 video themes only or any other themes support too…if so plz post themes name here!!!

  3. Why ur Plugin is not working in CHERRY theme? plz do something m currently using this theme and ur plugin is superb but unfortunately it’s not working n my site 🙁

  4. This is my index in cherry theme so where i put (this code <a href="” rel=”bookmark”>

    ‘entry-thumb’)); ?>

    <img width="320" height="240" src="” alt=”” class=”entry-thumb”/>



    max_num_pages > 1) bd_pagenavi();
    $home_boxes = bdayh_get_option(‘home’);
    $repeat = 1;
    if(count($home_boxes) > 0){
    foreach($home_boxes as $k => $v){

    $bd_cat_id = (isset($v[‘cat’])) ? $v[‘cat’] : array(0);
    $bd_total_posts = (isset($v[‘number’])) ? $v[‘number’] : 0;

    if($v[‘layout’] == 2)
    require(BD_TM .’box-first-post-top.php’);
    elseif($v[‘layout’] == 1)
    require(BD_TM .’box-first-post-left.php’);
    elseif($v[‘layout’] == 3)
    echo “”;
    require(BD_TM .’box-2column.php’);

    elseif($v[‘layout’] == 4)
    require(BD_TM .’box-news-in-picrure.php’);
    elseif($v[‘layout’] == 5)
    require(BD_TM .’box-news-in-picrure-small.php’);
    require(BD_TM .’scrollingbox.php’);
    require(BD_TM .’box-ads-home.php’);
    require(BD_TM .’recentposts.php’);


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