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For the Ambitious Webmaster & Dedicated Agency

Experience WPOven: Tailored WordPress hosting that redefines performance, precision, and partnership.

For the Ambitious Webmaster & Dedicated Agency

Intuitive Dashboard
Experience WPOven: Tailored WordPress hosting that redefines performance, precision, and partnership.

Limitless Freedom

Blazingly Fast
Experience hosting without boundaries: no limits on site counts, visits, or migrations. With WPOven, scale freely and without constraints.

Tailored Infrastructure

One-Click Staging & Free Migration
Your unique needs demand custom solutions: dive into bespoke VPS environments and tools tailored for precision. WPOven crafts infrastructure just for you.

Unwavering Support

24/7 Customer Support for a Year
Rest easy with 24/7 expert assistance always at your beck and call. From troubleshooting to proactive guidance, WPOven's team is your steadfast ally.

Risk-Free 14 Day Money Back. Start Now!

Our trial lets you try our platform, risk-free! Install unlimited WordPress websites, test out the WPOven Dashboard, and see for yourself why 1,000's have made the move to WPOven.
  Unlimited Sites
  Free Migration
  Single Dashboard
  One Click Staging
  Daily Automatic Backup
  Edge Caching

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Our managed WordPress hosting plans keep your websites reliable, secure, and fast. Also, get FREE website design for new customer.

Save Big: Get 2 Months Free On Annual Plans!

Annually Monthly


Unlimited Sites

$79.95 /mo

$66.63 /mo

  • Paid Monthly

    Billed at $799.5/year.
    Includes 2 months free!

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  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • 8TB Bandwidth
  • ~500K/Mo Visitors
  • 1X Performance
  •   VA Support

Most popular


Unlimited Sites

$149.95 /mo

$124.95 /mo

  • Paid Monthly

    Billed at $1,499.55/year.
    Includes 2 months free!

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  • 160 GB SSD Storage
  • 16TB Bandwidth
  • 1Million+/Mo Visitors
  • 2X Performance
  • VA Support


Unlimited Sites

$299.95 /mo

$249.95 /mo

  • Paid Monthly

    Billed at $2,999.5/year.
    Includes 2 months free!

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  • 320 GB SSD Storage
  • 32TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • 4X Performance
  • VA Support

Custom Plan:

Plan Starts From

$160 /mo

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Bring your own device

Minimum 4 cores

All major vendors supported

Every Plan Includes:

  • 14 Days Money Back
  • 24*7 Expert Support
  • FREE Migration
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Email
  • CDN Ready
  • LetsEncrypt Free SSL
  • FREE Website Design

We are Global!

Five main data center regions in USA (New York, Texas, Newark, Fremont, Atlanta), Europe (Netherlands, London, Frankfort), Canada, Australia (Sydney) & Asia Pacific (Japan, Singapore, India), and spanning the entire globe ensure your website loads as quickly as possible, no matter where your customers are.

We have it all. What agencies are looking for

Check out Why WPOven is their first choice for their online business.
  • Veena Azmanov
    WPOven Review
    "I came to WP Oven at a time when I really needed help because my site was hacked and my hosting company at that time refused to help me. I was stressed and frustrated."

    Pavan Iyengar
    WPOven Review
    "By far the best dedicated VPS WP hosting services. The service is amazing. A company which truly values it’s customers. Keep up the good work guys!"
  • Fabio Cantelli
    WPOven Review
    "I moved from my old hosting, a dedicated server, to WPOven about 2 weeks ago. The reason why I moved was that, even if my dedicated hosting was not expensive and quite powerful,"

    Fidel Navamuel
    WPOven Review
    "I was surprised by the quality and the speed of the WPOven support team . You can forget all the worries related to viruses, malware and other malfunctions. WPOven is there when you want"
  • Penina Petersen
    WPOven Review
    "This is a great hosting company. My sites all work perfectly here. I’ve never had an issue. The dashboard is easy and simple to use. The guys always help me if I need support"

    Christine Preusler
    WPOven Review
    "No matter what type of business site you’re cooking up, WPOven’s fully managed WordPress hosting solutions provide users with the resources they need for a robust online presence."
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out Why WPOven is their first choice for their online business.
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What is agency hosting and who is it for?

Agency hosting is a type of WordPress hosting especially meant for digital agencies and web development companies. It's designed to help these businesses manage many client websites at once without any trouble.
But with WPOven's agency hosting, we are taking it to the next level. We provide various tools and resources you need to efficiently take care of your clients' websites and make them run smoothly. Our fully managed platform makes adding and monitoring sites a simple, single-click process. It's like having a superpower to handle multiple websites at once.

Do you offer backups for my websites hosted by my agency?

Yes, Our WPOven’s agency hosting plans include 14 Days of automated backups, also an option for daily manual offsite backups with a one-click restore option. Automatic Daily backups on Amazon S3 and single-click download for all your client’s sites.

Do you have WordPress-optimized hosting for agencies?

Yes, All our websites on WPOven are hosted on fully managed, WordPress-optimized dedicated servers, which means there is a complete guarantee of incredible speed, server-level caching, tightened security, and dedicated resources.

It uses Edge caching, Server-level RAM caching, a custom-built Proprietary Minification plugin, the Fastest Technology Stack consisting of Nginx, PHP 7.3, Varnish, Redis, PageSpeed & MYSQL, and Cloudflare CDN integration with one-click staging and an intuitive Dashboard.

How would I manage my client’s account?

At WPOVen, your WordPress hosting for agencies account includes an intuitive and interactive Dashboard, through which you can easily add, manage, monitor, and control your clients' accounts with just a few clicks.

Can my agency offer dedicated hosting resources to our clients?

Yes, at WPOven, all the hosted websites will be allocated dedicated resources from the server, which makes WPOven a True Fully Managed WordPress-optimized dedicated hosting.

Can i Install more than one app on my Server?

Yes, at WPOven with every plan you can add or install unlimited apps or websites on your Server. However, make sure that you have enough server resources to run all the apps or websites efficiently.

How Fast is your agency Hosting?

At WPOVen, we've optimized our web hosting servers with the fastest technology stack, including Nginx, PHP 7.3, Varnish, Redis, PageSpeed & MYSQL. We also use Edge caching, Server-level RAM caching, and a custom-built Proprietary Minification plugin to ensure your website performs blazingly fast, guaranteeing up to 16x performance improvement.
However, the speed of your website will also depend on the resources it uses. For instance, if you have installed too many plugins or extensions, or if your website script is not well optimized, the site may load slowly.

Does WPOven support Multisite setup ?

Yes ! We support Multisite on our all Plans. 

Will I have access to the Databases of my sites ?

Yes we allow full access to the databases of your WordPress sites. You can access the database using our in-built database manager tool.

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