WordPress Testing: A Complete Guide (For Beginners & Experts)

WordPress Testing
Your WordPress site might have eye-catching graphics, stunning design, and top-notch content, but all these things become worthless if the user experience is not up to the mark. Even the most visually stunning site can fall short, potentially harming your online business. Even though WordPress releases updates from time to time for better stability, bug fixes, and security vulnerabilities, what if they bring unexpected other bugs instead? There are chances that your website might benefit from the update but also get severely hit by it due to incompatibility issues or other bugs. …

How to Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection? (7 Quick Fixes)

Error Establishing a Database Connection
It seems you have encountered, or might have seen somewhere, an “Error Establishing a Database Connection” message on WordPress site. This error is one of the most notorious and fatal errors in WordPress, as it makes your website inaccessible to users. It triggers when WordPress is unable to establish a connection with the Database. Since this error can occur due to a variety of reasons, it might not be an easy task for beginners to figure out the exact cause and fix it. …

How to Setup Cloudflare Settings on WordPress?

Cloudflare Settings for WordPress Sites
As a Cloudflare partner, we recommend using Cloudflare as a DNS, firewall, and CDN for the sites we host at WPOven. This guide serves as a small reference for setting up Cloudflare and its official WordPress Plugin to leverage the best Cloudflare features for your WordPress site. It covers how to use Cloudflare and configure its settings, both on the web version and through the Cloudflare WordPress plugin, to improve speed and security. This guide applies to everyone using WordPress and interested in using Cloudflare, …

The WordPress REST API : Getting Started Guide

You mush have heard the term API if you work in a technical domain. It can be a little confusing, In this guide, we have tried to clear all your doubts so that you can easily talk about API with your team and colleagues.   What is API? Web Applications are no more a standalone entity. They need to communicate with third-party entities for better outcomes and instant real-time data. In order to communicate with third-party components, …

php 5 vs php 7 – WordPress sites with Nginx

php-7-v-php5w2 In this post we will test the performance of the new PHP version, php 7 for WordPress sites running on Nginx., along with how to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 How to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 (with Nginx) on Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 server Step 1 : You need to add a PPA for PHP 7
After running this command, if you see an error message like :
This means that you need to install the package python-software-properties, …