25 Best WordPress Website Examples for Inspiration in 2024

WordPress is one of the most widely used and popular CMSs for a reason. Thanks to its vast versatility and limitless possibilities, it has the potential to allow you to create stunning websites, from a simple one to a very complex e-commerce store.

Are you not believing? Here we have compiled 25 best WordPress website examples for your reference and motivate you to build your project without hassle.

Note: Do you want to build your WordPress site from scratch without coding? Check out our ultimate step-by-step guide on ” How to Build A Website with WordPress in 11 Easy Steps?“.

As a Fully Managed WordPress Host, we have in-house experts with years of experience in WordPress website development and design, who evaluate the websites based on the following factors.

1. Website Colour and Theme: The website’s color, visual appearance, design, and topography.

2. User Interface: IT refers to how the users find it easy to use and navigate on the website—for example, the position and sizes of buttons, texts, navigation options, etc.

3. Responsiveness– A great website should work well on every screen size. Whether it is a Tab, PC, or a smartphone. Even Google has considered it as one of their page ranking factors.

4. Page loading time– IT refers to the time taken by a website to load. Optimizing images and using well-coded WordPress themes and plugins can improve it.

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Top 10 WordPress Website Examples

Although plenty of great, successful, and popular websites are built on WordPress, it would not be possible to mention all of them.

Therefore, for your reference, we have handpicked some of the Top 10 WordPress websites that you might be familiar with, and also don’t be surprised.

1. NGINX – nginx.com


NGINX.com which is a leading high-performance open-source software. Best known for providing web serving, reverse proxying, media streaming, etc for websites that require high security, content acceleration, scalability, and receive a high volume of traffic.

2. The Newyork Times- nytimes.com


You might be surprised to know that, the popular American newspaper you used to read for worldwide events and news has its corporate website built on WordPress. From this, you can assume how popular and powerful WordPress is.

3. Angry Birds- angrybirds.com


One of the most popular games for any age group, Angry Bird’s official website has been powered by WordPress. The website has been designed with simple but intriguing graphics on Angry Bird’s theme maintaining the same fun and spirit throughout it.

4. Walt Disney- thewaltdisneycompany.com


Everyone’s childhood best entertainment company The Walt Disney’s company website is built on WordPress CMS. The leading Entertainment and information company has the mission to become the world’s largest production house.

5. The Whitehouse – thewhitehouse.gov


Even the most powerful and developed nation America has built its government website thewhitehouse.gov on WordPress to keep everyone updated with the latest happenings related to the US president, national security, international news, the economy, etc.

It shows how WordPress is a trustful and genuine platform for any website.

6. Microsoft Blog- blogs.microsoft.com


Big companies have their Blog pages meant for sharing resources, and news and increasing brand awareness through content marketing. Microsoft one of the leading IT tech giants also has its blog site on WordPress.

7. The Obama Foundation – obama.org


USA’s one of the most popular and loved presidents so far Barak Obama has launched a non-profit organization that has a well-crafted design that easily blends with the motive and vision of the organization. Simple yet powerful graphics, Bold and large fonts, etc. have been perfectly implemented to deliver the best and most polished user experience.

8. New England Cord Blood Bank- cordbloodbank.com


The New England Cord Blood Bank is a scientific company that provides a facility to collect, process, and store umbilical cord blood for future medical use. The website is so compelling to watch since, it has multiple animations, high-end graphics, and colors that help to keep visitors engaged.

9. The National Archives – nationalarchives.gov.uk


Like the white house, the United Kingdom’s government website also trusts WordPress; hence, they have used this platform to store or preserve government records, share information, etc.

10. Sony Music – sonymusic.com

Sony Music
Sony Music

Sony went for a simple yet visually appealing website design that also represents its company logo color scheme (i.e. Black, red, and white). On the homepage, you will find a slider showing various artists, down below some videos, labels, and the separated News section.

Top WordPress Website Examples based on different Niches

To get a better idea about WordPress’s true potential, here we are providing you with more WordPress Website Examples from Different Niches.

E-commerce WordPress Website Examples

You won’t believe even some of the popular e-commerce websites are built on WordPress platform and even you might have done shopping too.

1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not- Ripleys.com

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is best known for its series of museums, books, television shows, and an online hub all featuring bizarre and unusual facts, artifacts, and stories from around the world.

The website is powered by WordPress, whereas their store section is powered by WooCommerce.

Note: WordPress has a propriety Free e-commerce Plugin, i.e. WooCommerce which has the potential to turn any WordPress site into a fully functional online store.

2. Art & Hue- artandhue.com

When you visit their website, you will find that instead of using vibrant colors, they have used extreme design. The whole website vibe is trying to match the late 60s and 70s pop culture.

To stand out the products they have used a plain white background that helps to stand out their product and even the product thumbnails use a combination of bright colours that adds edge to it.

3. aThemes – athemes.com

aThemes is a very popular WordPress theme provider better known for simple, clean, and easy-to-customize theme designs. They have plenty of theme collections available either, Free or paid.

4. Walmart – Walmart.com

Walmart is a renowned and leading name in the eCommerce industry that sells almost everything. The website design is quite responsive and well-optimized for mobile web users as well.

They provide you with a unique online shopping experience through their compelling design and navigation that makes it easy for anyone to shop.

5. Ikea- ikea.com

While considering Ikea, you can take WordPress as an analogy for it. For example, in WordPress you will be provided with all the basic building blocks that are required to create a website, after that you add some elements to it, and it’s ready to serve. A similar approach goes for IKEA too.

Considering IKEA’s reputation in providing a memorable shopping experience offline, there has been a lot of pressure on them to provide the same experience for online customers as well.

They came up with a simple design with both useful content regarding the product and the products themselves listed on the same page that helps in converting.

Best Enterprise or Businesses WordPress Website Examples

Beautiful business websites that look professional and authentic for the company help to drive more leads and convert them. Let’s check out the Top 5 Business or Enterprise Websites that are powered by WordPress.

1. Capgemini- Capgemini.com

Capgemini is a leading multinational company from France. It is better known for its range of services including consulting, technology, outsourcing, and professional services to clients in various industries such as automotive, banking, consumer products, energy, government, and more their official website is powered by WordPress.

2. MercedesBenz- Mercedes-benz.com

Mercedes-Benz is a Brand name that almost every recognizes as a German-based automobile manufacturer company. The official website uses a stellar black and golden theme, showcasing ad videos on the homepage and a very smooth website experience.

3. Meta Newsroom

Meta formally better known as Facebook has their separate blogging and news website “Meta Newsroom” built on WordPress. They post articles related to upcoming Meta new projects, on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

4. Time Magazine- time.com

Time Magazine is one of the leading and longest-running American news and magazine websites also powered by WordPress CMS. The website receives millions of traffic daily and covers topics like almost everything such as entertainment, Hollywood, politics, climate, science, etc.

5. Techcrunch- techcrunch.com

TechCrunch is a leading technology media outlet and news website that primarily focuses on new startups, the latest technology trends, innovations, and various developments in the tech industry. The website is well designed from the news and media perspective with a plain white background that helps to make it easy for visitors to read the content.

Best Blogging Websites on WordPress

WordPress was initially best known as a popular platform for bloggers. Since then, it has also become a free blogging platform. However, if you start your blogging site, WordPress provides you with the Gutenberg block editor.

Due to this fact, numerous enterprises and big companies use the blogging portion of WordPress along with thousands of freelance bloggers. For your reference, below are the top 5 blogs powered by WordPress.

1. The TED Blog- blog.ted.com

You must be familiar with TED talks or TEDX, best known for intellectual speeches on some interesting topics. The website design focuses on the topic rather than using any flashy graphics. Overall, the website tries to give more importance to the content with a simple website design and disallowing any distractions.

2. Harvard University- harvard.edu

Harvard is one of the most prestigious and oldest higher education institutions in the United States that uses WordPress for its Blog portion. The website is well designed featuring a modern and user-friendly navigation.

The website showcases the life of campus and events in a very dynamic way also highlighting the University’s diverse community.

3. Spotify- newsroom.spotify.com

Spotify For the record not only brings you the latest songs by artists but also brings you the newest stuff about Spotify, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and communities. The website has a cool grid-style layout with vibrant slideshows, vivid pictures, and videos.

4. cPanel Blog – blog.cpanel.com

The cPanel blog is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel software company, that shares news, updates, tutorials, and other valuable information related to web hosting, server management, website development, and online business.

5. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog- blog.wsj.com/law

The Wall Street Journal is one of the top reputed and widespread newspapers in the United States that uses WordPress for its blog portion. They publish articles and opinions from experts about different topics in the legal world, like business laws or court decisions.

Some Tips for Good Website Design

Now you know the true potential of WordPress and its limitless possibilities. A good or great website is only said to be so by those who know how to blend both visual appearance and usability well.

A well-structured and designed website encourages visitors to trust and helps them take certain actions without affecting the user experience.

You can also build such a website. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while designing your website.

1. Mobile-friendly design: Make sure your website is responsive on screen of all sizes, preferably for Mobile devices. Google gives preference to websites that work well on all devices. Go for only well-optimized and responsive WordPress themes.

2. Low Page Loading Time: Since the page loading time is a signal for search engine rankings, always try to keep your site fast. If possible make it light and avoid large images and media files. For more tips, check out our guide on 22 Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Performance.

3. Easy Navigation: The page should be easy to navigate, i.e when the visitor lands on your website they should easily find what they need i.e services, blogs, products, or Contact Us page., and access the next course of action. Clear navigation reduces bounce rate and hence increases overall user experience which is a good ranking signal for search engines.

4. Eyecaptivating Visuals: Use images or graphics that blend well with your brand identity and tell your purpose. For example, Apple uses aesthetic design for a simple and elegant look whereas the Angry Birds website uses vibrant and playful visuals to attract kids.

5. Well-Optimized Fonts: Use easy-to-read and well-optimized fonts that don’t affect the page loading time and also users don’t have to put extra effort into reading. If possible always for go default faults and avoid custom ones.

6. Optimize Call to Action (CTA): Your CTA button should stand out from the rest of the design to attract attention. This helps guide users to take the action you want them to take.”


From the above examples of the Top 25 WordPress websites, you must have realized the potential, versatility, and trustworthiness of WordPress. It has been chosen by many big brands, including government agencies, automobile companies, non-profit organizations, celebrities, and even former United States presidents.

With simple plugins and the right approach, you can create a wide range of websites, from simple ones to full-fledged e-commerce platforms.

However, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Using WordPress can be tricky and time-consuming due to its high level of customizability. Nevertheless, as more big brands switch to WordPress, why wait any longer?

Start your WordPress website by simply choosing a Managed WordPress hosting service, such as WPOven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress for example?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use.

Which website is made in WordPress?

Here is the list of some popular websites made in WordPress:
1. nytimes.com
2. thewaltdisneycompany.com
3. Angrybirds.com
4. thewhitehouse.gov
5. thewhitehouse.gov

How to create a website?

Building a website/blog using CMS WordPress is very easy. There are almost 8 easy steps that if you follow thoroughly, you will be able to build a website with WordPress in no time.
Step 1: Decide the Niche of Your Website
Step 2: Domain Registration
Step 3: Buy A Web Hosting Plan
Step 4: Install WordPress CMS
Step 5: Select A WordPress theme
Step 6: Install Essential Plugins
Step 7: Complete Your Other Essential Website pages
Step 8: Hit the Publish Button

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