What Are WordPress Permalinks? How To Configure Correctly 2023?

When you use WordPress to write content and publish them online, you usually heard the term WordPress permalinks. This term is critical to learn from the SEO point of view for every user. This is commonly known as a link that helps you to reach a specific section of the content.

In this post, we try to bring you Complete comprehensive content about WordPress Permalinks. What are they? How do they Work? How should you implement them? And any more. But before getting into deep, let us know What WordPress Permalinks actually are?

Slugs and User Experience

After knowing the SEO benefits of WordPress, and pretty permalinks, now we shall talk about its User Experience benefits (UX).

As per Jacob Nielsen, the following points have been mentioned about what a website must have.

  1. Easy to learn and type URLs
  2. Easy to remember and spell Domain names
  3. Permalink should not change
  4. Short and clean URLs
  5. URLs should not get hacked or provide security from all malware or hacker attacks.

In addition to the above worth points, A permalink should never be either removed or altered in any case; it has been shared and used in multiple ways on the internet that provided you credibility. Another point to remember is that an URL must be clean and easy to understand so that even a non-expert user can easily understand and remember it.

No doubt, it is not impossible to edit or alter your permalink completely of a post that you have already published. But it is not a good practice and can potentially harm your website’s DA and even search engine rankings. This is because the original permalink may have been shared on the internet.

Still, if you need to make some edits to change your old permalink with a new one completely, make sure you practice the WordPress directing methods.

Changing WordPress permainks in phpMyAdmin

If you have basic knowledge of WordPress files and using phpMyAdmin, then you can do almost anything through it, including editing permalinks. This comes to the handy and best alternative solution when there is something issue with your WordPress dashboard, and you are unable to access it through your WordPress permalinks Settings page.

But before that, you must make a complete backup of all the files and databases to avoid any mishap during permalink editing.

The First step is to access your phpMyadmin by logging in to your Cpanel by typing your database username and password. At the top of the page, you can see the Databases option. Click on it to open and select the database you want to work with.

Screenshot 12 4 What Are WordPress Permalinks? How To Configure Correctly 2023?

Select the wp_options as shown in the picture above and look out for the permalink_structure.

Select the wp_options table and find the permalink_structure entry in the option_name column. You might need to navigate beyond the first page of entries.


As shown in the above picture, you can see on the left side of permalink_structre; an Edit link has been provided. Click on it to add the permalink structure that you wish to use.

Click the Edit link on the left for that entry, then under the option_value field, add the permalink structure you want to use. Use the tags that we identified earlier for use in the Permalinks settings screen.

Editing Permalink Structure

Once done with editing, You can click on the Go button to save your WordPress permalinks.


WordPress permalinks can do wonders for your WordPress website if you know how to configure and properly implement them. Not just can it enhance user experience, it has the potential to boost your search engine rankings too.

Hence, you add quality information and help you to boost up your website performance. We tried to bring you detailed and comprehensive material on WordPress Permalinks. We have tried to cover all the aspects of WordPress permalinks that you can use in your Website. Whether it is for e-commerce websites, optimizing images, posts, or pages.

If you have anything worth mentioning about more WordPress permalinks, please share your valuable ideas in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are permalinks in WordPress?

Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings.” Whether your website has archive pages, posts, or even 404 error pages, all they live their own WordPress permalinks.

Where do I find permalinks in WordPress?

You can find the WordPress permalink in the editor section of pages or posts. Usually located on the right-hand side of the editor where a default permalink can be easily shown.

Can I change permalinks in WordPress?

In short, Yes, you can change permalinks in WordPress after or before published the post or page. However, it is not recommended to edit or change the WordPress permalinks after publishing your content or making your page live. It can lead to a 404 error, and if the post has been shared multiple times, there are chances that your backlinks will be lost.

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