Bluehost Alternative: 
Why WPOven is the Right Fit?

WPOven is a serious hosting for Serious Businesses. And We mean it!
Bluehost can be a great choice for businesses of small sizes and lower traffic. But their pricing model and performance issues arise once your website starts growing. As a Bluehost alternative, WPOven ensures fast, affordable hosting for scaling websites.
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Short Story about
Bluehost and WPOven!

WPOven and Bluehost are two renowned names in the Managed WordPress hosting Business. Where WPOven started its web hosting services back in 2012 and has successfully hosted flag globally for offering affordable, reliable, and Fastest Fully Managed web hosting services.
Bluehost was founded in 2003 and has gained popularity among beginners who have just started their digital journey. Despite being in the hosting business for quite a long time, It has little to offer for serious businesses.

Cheaper plans can be 
lucrative but Deceptive.

No doubt, Bluehost plans seem cheaper (shared hosting) and an ideal deal for beginners or small businesses. But like every sparking thing there is some blind spot behind that, such as:
 You’ll be Bounded by a contract that extends upto          3 years.
 Expensive Incremental renewal plans
 Cheaper plans have significant limitations
 Support is not quite responsive and tough to                      contact

rapid growth

How Bluehost can 
slow down your Growth?

In terms of Managed WordPress hosting, Bluehost fails in some areas:
 Cheaper plans cannot sustain high-volume traffic
 Lesser uptime 99.98% 
 Limited Datacentres (USA & India)
 Hooked for multi-year contracts

Performance Optimized

Why WPOven? : Get the Premium Hosting
Advantage at Affordable Rates

Fuel Your Business Growth with WPOven's Reliable Hosting for Some Serious Business.

Value for Money: 
Pay Less Get More!

Hosting Included for a Year
If you are looking for enterprise-level services at affordable rates, take a clever step and buy hosting from WPOven. Our plans are reasonable and come up with premium tools and features.
For example, you can start experiencing enterprise-level Managed WordPress hosting at a starting plan of $16.61/month (Billed Annually). It includes Unlimited site hosting, Free one email, Unmetered bandwidth, 20 GB SSD, Free SSL, Free Cloudflare CDN enabled, etc.
Whereas, Bluehost’s managed wordpress hosting plan starts at $19.95/month with limited features.

Fastest Website performance: Ensuring 100% SLA!

Dedicated Servers Resources (RAM, CPU)
At WPOven! Unlike others, we offer only dedicated servers with no resource sharing. With one website per server, we ensure unparalleled reliability. Wondering about Bluehost’s 99.98% uptime? Discover how we achieve 100% SLA.
◉ Edge Caching
◉ WProcket (Integrated)
◉ Dedicated VPS
◉ Nginx, PHP 7.3, Varnish, Redis and PageSpeed
◉ Top-notch Linux-based Linode Servers
◉ Well Optimized and Custom Configured Servers for                WordPress sites

CDN Ready Multiple Datacenters: Ensure Fastest Website Loading

CDN-ready World Wide Data Centers
WPOven is a truly Global web hosting provider with CDN-ready data centers strategically located covering all the continents. Ensuring the Fastest Content delivery no matter where you are.
◉ Australia Datacenters: Sydney
◉ US Datacenters: New York, Texas, Newark, 
    Fremont, Atlanta
◉ Canada
◉ Europe Datacenters: Netherlands, London, Frankfort
◉ Asia Datacenters: Japan, Singapore, India Whereas,                Bluehost has only US and India datacentres.

Developer Friendly Hosting: Developer Tools and Integrations

Security and Malware Taken Care of
Whether it's completing server setup or customization, we've equipped developers with all the necessary tools at every stage of development through our range of custom WordPress setup tools.
◉ Premium Themes and Plugins
◉ Developer tools like GIT, WP-CLI, SSH Access
◉ One-click staging and sync
◉ Powerful site builder
◉ Daily offsite backup and 1- click restore

Everything is available free of cost in each of our plans, unlike Bluehost, which charges ($5.45/month) for creating even a staging environment.

WPOven: A Serious Web Hosting Provider for
Businesses Serious about Scaling.

Fuel Your Business Growth with WPOven's Reliable Hosting for Some Serious Business.
Fastest Server Stack

Tailored Plans for Businesses

WPOven better knows every business's needs and pain points of our clients. Thus offering, different plans for Businesses of all sizes.
SEO Optimized

Blazing fast 

WPOven servers are power-packed loaded with advanced technology and installed with the latest software for delivering optimum performance. 

Go Unlimited 

WPOven's 'Go unlimited' feature offers limitless sites, staging, and migration, plus a complimentary email account, setting it apart.

WPOven Vs Bluehost
Managed WordPress Hosting: In a nutshell

Unveil the Ultimate Hosting Showdown. 
Discover the key differences and choose the perfect fit for your website needs.
Key Features WPOven Bluehost
Plan starts at
$16.61 / month $19.95 / month
No. of websites
Unlimited 1
Dedicated VPS
Dedicated Dedicated
Free Website Design
Yes No
Email Hosting
Yes No
No. of Visits
Unlimited visits/month 50000/month
Uptime Guarantee
100% 99.98%
Free SSL
Dedicated Free SSL Shared Free SSL
Daily BackUps
Free Addon
Premium plugins included
tick Limited
Free Addons
tick cross

Frequently Asked Questions on
Bluehost Alternatives?

We are not just beating the bush!! Check it out by yourself!

Why should I choose WPOven as a Bluehost Alternative?

WPOven, as a Bluehost alternative for Managed WordPress hosting, offers a better SLA, improved scalability, and several premium hosting features such as free SSL certificates, Free Email, unlimited site hosting, unlimited Free staging and Migration, and Free Website design. 

Moreover, if you seek Fully Managed WordPress hosting to relieve you from website complexities and technical management, WPOVen is the right fit. With its intuitive and clean Dashboard and various helpful tools, WPOven provides the solution to all your web hosting issues.

Why is the Bluehost cheap?

At first glance, Bluehost may appear to offer the cheapest plans and seem like a good value-for-money hosting option. However, you might pay more in the long run. Why is this so? Well, Bluehost makes cheaper plans by offering shared hosting, which could be not reliable and suitable for websites with high traffic volumes, such as agencies and ecommerce sites. Although they also offer Managed WordPress hosting services, they come at a higher cost with limited features. Additionally, they follow an incremental pricing strategy, initially luring clients with cheap rates and then charging heavily for plan renewals. It's like falling into a dirty trap.
If you want to experience the best features at affordable rates without compromising on performance and security, which come with dedicated servers, look no further than WPOven, the best Bluehost alternative.

How secure is WPOven?

WPOven’s servers are secured with a multi-layered advanced Security System that ensures total safety for your website, making it hard to break.

◉  Hardened Servers with built-in infrastructure security
◉  Free SSL Certificate
◉  Firewall and DOS protection for enhanced defense
◉  Updated with the latest security technology to stay ahead of threats
◉  Web Application Firewall for additional safeguarding
◉  Bot Protection to mitigate automated attacks

What Types of Hosting does  WPOven Offer as an alternative to Bluehost?

WPOven exclusively offers Managed WordPress VPS hosting services to businesses serious about scaling and following high ROI-driven strategies. Our servers are fully customized and optimized for WordPress sites to nurture and grow. We provide dedicated tailored plans for businesses of all sizes, whether they are Enterprises, Agencies, or Ecommerce.

Can I migrate My Existing Website from Bluehost to WPOven?

Yes, website migration is completely free of cost and hassle-free. Our experts ensure that your website remains active throughout the entire migration process with zero downtime. At WPOven, we have dedicated DEV Support that assists you in transferring your website without any glitches and continues to serve your website users while the migration is being completed. We make a copy of your website’s file folder and databases, transfer them to our servers, complete the DNS propagation, and finalize the migration with uninterrupted delivery.
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WPOven is the best Managed WordPress hosting for agencies and businesses that want to succeed. With Unlimited sites hosting option, its easy to use and manage, so you can focus on growing your business. 
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