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Short Story About 
Cloudways and WPOven!

WPOven and Cloudways are renowned in the Managed WordPress hosting service providers. Where WPOven started its web hosting services back in 2012 and has successfully hosted flag globally for offering affordable, reliable, and Fastest Fully Managed web hosting services.
Cloudways also started their business in 2012 and in 2022, now Acquired by Digital Ocean. They are mainly a server reseller service provider, not specialized in providing Managed WordPress hosting dedicatedly unlike WPOven.
This is why they cannot meet the client’s expectations and users are looking for the best Cloudways alternative.

Expensive Hosting
Can Drain Your Business

Expensive sometimes means premium. Only risk your funds on pricey hosting with guaranteed features. Switch to WPOven for cost-effective hosting loaded with premium features.
In terms of Managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways fails in some areas:

How Cloudways Can be a
Hurdle To Your Success?

In terms of Managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways fails in some areas:

◉ More inclined towards small businesses and Individuals
◉ 99.99% Uptime (WPOven has 100%)
◉ Slow Server Speed
◉ No DDoS Protection and CDN
◉ Complete Focuses on Reselling hosting

What's the
WPOven Advantage?

At WPOven, we have often pinpointed that How come we have an edge over Clouways and Why we are claiming to be the best Cloud Ways alternative. Well, why don’t you see for yourself?

Truly Blazing Fast Servers: Ensuring 100% SLA! 

Hosting Included for a Year
WPOven's Linode-powered servers outperform Cloudways, offering dedicated resources at a competitive price. 

No resource sharing means better value. Discover how WPOven achieves 100% SLA.
◉ Inbuilt Server level Edge Caching

◉ WProcket (Integrated)

◉ Nginx, PHP 7.3, Varnish, Redis and PageSpeed

Meant for Serious Businesses: Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Wordpress Based
Cloudways offers multiple hosting options and says it's the best for managed hosting. 

But because of this, it can't give you the top-notch service you need for specific websites. It mostly makes money from shared hosting.
On the other hand, WPOven is made just for serious businesses that want to grow. 

It's all about giving you the best service in dedicated hosting, and it's super affordable.

Complete WordPress Experience: Built for WordPress sites

WPOven has custom-designed and Optimized its Hosting infrastructure, especially for WordPress sites. Provides a complete nurturing environment for any WordPress site to grow. We’re pushing all the boundaries to provide you with the best WordPress experience.
◉ Intuitive Panel to manage unlimited sites.

◉ Optimize SEO visibility

◉ WordPress Optimized Servers for better performance

◉ Fully Managed WordPress Updates

Transparent Pricing: Tailored
Pricing for Your WordPress Needs

target audience
Cloudways can be suitable for new WordPress users, whereas WPOven provides customized plans catering to hobbyists, small businesses, and enterprises alike.
◉ Enjoy limitless sites, unrestricted bandwidth, and 
    SSD storage.

◉ Save to 16%  with annual billing.

◉ Plus, effortless upgrades ensure seamless scalability for         your expanding business.

Concierge Support: Expert assistance 24x7

24/7 Customer Support for a Year
Are you choosing between WPOven and Cloudways? Here's the deal: both offer round-the-clock support. 

But WPOven's support stands out in terms of an experienced WordPress experts team available 24/7 to assist you. 

Plus, since we focus solely on WordPress hosting, our community is packed with WordPress pros. Think of us as your go-to source for anything WordPress-related!

Empowering Growth: Get Success with WPOven

grow and Trust
Our clients are more than just customers; they're our growth partners. Our goal is to grow together, supporting them every step of the way in their online journey. 
We offer:
◉ Free website design.

◉ SEO services.
By nurturing this partnership, we build strong relationships because happy clients mean a thriving business. If you're serious about starting a successful WordPress hosting agency, WPOven is here to be your ultimate partner.

WPOven: A Serious Web Hosting Provider for
Business Serious about Scaling.

Fuel Your Business Growth with WPOven's Reliable Hosting for Some Serious Business.
Fastest Server Stack

Tailored Plans for Businesses

WPOven better knows every business's needs and pain points of our clients. Thus offering, different plans for Businesses of all sizes.
SEO Optimized

Blazing fast 

WPOven servers are power-packed loaded with advanced technology and installed with the latest software for delivering optimum performance. 

Go Unlimited 

WPOven's 'Go unlimited' feature offers limitless sites, staging, and migration, plus a complimentary email account, setting it apart.

Stats & Numbers
Speak Louder than Words

See How Cloudways can sting your business and ROI by slowing your website. Unbelievable? Check out the Test Results then!

Performance Comparison

Given below are the excerpts from a comprehensive hosting performance test done by Review Signal.

500-3000 Concurrent Users over 30 Minutes, 10 Minutes at Peak

Parameters WPOven Cloudways
Total Requests 438,758 442,424
Errors 1 243
Requests / Sec (at Peak load) 342.95 331.95
Average Requests / Sec 243.75 245.79
Response Time at peak load (ms) 10,051 15,097
Average Response Time (ms) 370 1131

Need more proof? 
Check out our detailed comparison In a Nutshell

Features WPOven Cloudways
Pricing Starts at Plans start at $16.61/month
(Billed Annually)
Plans start at $26/month
(Digital Ocean)
Server Performance High performance with an Average
Response time of 370ms.
Poor performance with an
Average Response time of 1131ms.
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited
Free Premium CDN Yes No
Server Stack Nginx+Varnish Custom
Server Security Complete Hardened Server Limited Hardened Server
Backup & Restore Free daily Amazon-based S3 offsite
backup and single-click restore.
Included in their Addons.
No. of Visits Unlimited Unlimited
Premium Plugins & Themes Available Free Not Available
Support System Integrated Support system for clients. No integrated Support System.
Client Management Panel Manage Client sites with a white-label client panel. No white-label client panel.
Optimization Support Optimization support is available. No optimization support is provided.
Migration Free Unlimited One
Anti-Hacking Support Free Paid

Frequently Asked Questions on 
Cloudways Alternatives?

We are not just beating the bush!! Check it out by yourself!

Does Cloudways have autoscaling?

No, with Cloudways, you can't automatically adjust your server as needed. To get more space, you have to buy a bigger server or add another one for a fee each month. Nexcess, on the other hand, gives you 24 hours of free autoscaling every month, so you don't need to pay extra for more server space.

What are the disadvantages of Cloudways?

When compared to WPOven, Cloudways has the following drawbacks that could potentially disrupt your business:
99.99% Uptime (WPOven has 100%)
 Slow Server Speed
 No DDoS Protection and CDN
 Not Focusing on dedicated hosting

Is Cloudways a secure host?

WPOven and Cloudways both offer secure hosting, but they do it differently. WPOven has a custom-built hosting infrastructure with various integrated security features that eliminate the dependency on server security. However, Cloudways rents servers from providers like Google Cloud. If there's a security issue with the server provider, such as Google, it could affect your data security on Cloudways as well.

Does Cloudways do ecommerce?

Yes, you can set up an online store with Cloudways, but it's not their main focus. They can only provide tools to create a fast store, but they aren't specialized in ecommerce hosting or optimizing their servers for online selling. 
WPOven, on the other hand, specializes in ecommerce hosting, offering a specific ecommerce hosting plan tailored for businesses serious about selling products online seamlessly.

Can I Easily Transfer My Website From Cloudways to WPOven?

Yes, At WPOven, we move your website for free, making sure it stays online the whole time without any interruptions. Our team helps with the transfer to keep your site running smoothly. We copy your website's stuff safely, move it to our servers, update everything, and ensure the switch happens without a hitch.
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WPOven is the best Managed WordPress hosting for agencies and businesses that want to succeed. With Unlimited sites hosting option, its easy to use and manage, so you can focus on growing your business. 
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