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Tired of Slow eCommerce hosting?

A fast eCommerce hosting can only provide a fast eCommerce website experience that is very important to run your online business successfully. Eleven a 1-second delay in page loading time can lead to a fall in your conversion rate by 7%.
This is why we at WPOven provide you with the fastest eCommerce hosting experience in the industry. With our servers that have worldwide data centers, support your online business to reach international consumers and serve them globally without compromising on the website speed.

WPoven Ecommerce Hosting Features

1. Dedicated Servers Optimized for 
2. WordPress Dedicated Resources: RAM, IP, CPU, and network resources are allocated from the start 
3. Security best practices with firewall and DoS protection 
4. Get ultrafast SSD storage on all our plans 
5. Get Site Audit Reports And Technical SEO Support To Improve Organic Traffic

WPoven Ecommerce Hosting Benefits

1. WPOven Turbo servers feature Memcached which is a distributed memory object caching system that eases database load to speed up dynamic Web applications.
2. Choose Servers with datacentres around the world to minimize load time.
3. Automatic regular malware scanning and top-notch security provided.
4. Uptime monitoring with experts available 24/7 to support around the clock.
5. No hassle 14-day money-back guarantee.

Launch Your Online Store With WPOven In Minutes.

WPOven Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce has become a very popular way of doing business online and due to its flexibility and scalability, it has become possible to grow your business exponentially. Especially, the fastest eCommerce hosting platforms make all these things a lot easier and provide you with the right platform to nurture your online store and boost up its growth.
Ecommerce giants have taken over the majority of offline business and Opened a door for new possibilities.
With WPOven a Fastest and secure Ecommerce hosting service provider. Now it become possible for even a small or local business can start their online business at a very competitive price.
Whether it is a small business or on a very large scale, everyone needs a platform to sell their products. Products can either be physical or digital.
Building an eCommerce website needs a lot of expertise in web designing and coding, which is impossible to learn for everyone. This is why we at WPOven, provide premium Woocommerce themes and plugins along with support from  Experts that are available 24x7 and guide you through the whole setup process.


Frequently Asked

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What is eCommerce hosting?

Ecommerce is a term used for online businesses that sell products online through websites. And Ecommerce hosting is a hosting service provider that provides a platform and complete services that a company needs to sell their product or service on the internet.

 WordPress has provided a most powerful WordPress plugin especially developed to provide all e-commerce solutions and services. It is so powerful that it can turn any WordPress website into a fully functional online store. 

From Website Design to customization, payment gateways, product listing, customer support, or Email notification. All can be done and managed through this eCommerce WordPress plugin.

Do I need eCommerce hosting?

Yes, an eCommerce website needs to be hosted. No matter what you chose either an eCommerce hosting provider or self-hosted. To run and operate a commercial website with all the features like secure payment processing, Huge traffic, website security, and shopping cart software, you will definitely need an eCommerce hosting platform.

How much is eCommerce hosting?

The majority of the eCommerce hosting companies have very high premium plans, but at WPOven Your online store dream can be fulfilled with a very competitive price starting at $16.61/month. Which is the best deal for a small eCommerce site. However, if you own a very large, well-established eCommerce website or expect huge traffic, a lot of product listing, and graphics, you can easily upgrade to our other premium plans.

Why is speed important to eCommerce hosting?

Your web hosting provider has a major role in your page speed or How quickly your website pages load. From SEO rankings to Website traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates to customer experience, everything is affected by your Website page load speeds. But the main concern is, if the page loading time is more, lower will be the conversion rate, which can potentially hit your online business. 

Your Website will be hosted by WPOven Hosting on our Dedicated Blazing fast Server platform, which is well optimized for WordPress as well as Woocommerce. However, Visits are limited only by bandwidth, if required more is available at competitively low rates.

Why should I choose WPOven for Ecommerce Hosting?

We are Truly Fast Ecommerce Hosting providers that you can count on us!
While website speed or Fast loading time is one of the key necessities for an eCommerce store. You also need to make sure that you choose an E-commerce host you can depend on. You must think about all the aspects and efforts required to build and maintain an eCommerce website. If your website goes down due to the slow host you chose, that would be a lost opportunity for you and missed out to generate revenue out of it, for which you have worked hard.
You must not choose a host which is incapable to provide dedicated Fast servers without server stacks as well as old hardware. Rather. Choose WPOven, where your eCommerce site will have a dedicated server that has data centers available around the world and 24x7 uptime monitoring.
Once you choose our service, we are sure you won’t look back. We are so confident of that, we also offer you with 14 days Money-back guarantee.
We have the best eCommerce environment loaded with Premium tools and Support
Providing you with a seamless and hassle-free experience, WPOven hosting is always there. Your eCommerce store will be provided with a well Optimized Woocommerce server, that boosts your online store experience to a whole new level. In addition to it, our Hardened server, Free SSL certificate, and anti-hacking support Keep both your website and your customers safe and secure.
If you have any queries or issues along the way, our Technical Experts are available 24/7 around the clock to help. And we also offer Virtual Growth Support: Web Management, SEO Service, and Graphic Design, which we are sure you won’t like to miss.

Quit Worrying About Hosting Hustle

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