Holistic Enterprise WordPress Hosting Solution

We provide robust infrastructure and powerful Enterprise WordPress hosting to scale your business and drive high ROI. With our fastest servers, strong security, global data centers, expert support, and unlimited migration assistance, we ensure your organization can fully focus on business growth.
enterprise wordpress hosting

Our Enterprise WordPress Hosting 
Features and solutions


Guaranteed High Performance With one-click setup

Get up to 4X faster response time after migration with site-level caching a global data center and cloudflare CDN. No configuration is needed. One-click and ready to go.
Website Security

Advanced Security Shield

We understand security is the utmost priority therefore we include, hardened servers, advanced firewall and DDOS protection, and a secure infrastructure with Web Application Firewall and bot protection.

Reliable and upto 100% Uptime

We provide 24/7 website monitoring and a 100% uptime guarantee. We ensure your site stays live and available year-round, so you never have to worry about downtime.

Unlimited Sites, Staging and Migration

Seamlessly add and manage unlimited sites, create instant staging, import live with a click, and perform limitless migrations with zero downtime and no hidden fees.

Eliminate Risk with automatic backups

We provide 14-day automated backups and an option for daily manual offsite backups with a one-click restore option. Powered by Amazon S3-based backup system in case things go south.

CDN-ready Worldwide Datacentres

Reach a global audience with WPOven's enterprise WordPress hosting powered by Linode. Effortlessly manage CDN and enjoy 24/7 support for ultra-fast asset delivery worldwide.

Manage All at Once at Single Space

Our powerful, clean, and intuitive dashboard enables organizations to manage and monitor 
single or unlimited WordPress sites effortlessly.
WPOven Dashboard

Reliable and competitive plan especially designed for Enterprises

We are providing the most reliable and cost-effective plan especially designed for Enterprises, which includes all the premium Enterprise-level services and tools that are essential to scale your brand.

Manage All at Once at Single Space

Our powerful, clean, and intuitive dashboard enables organizations to manage and monitor 
single or unlimited WordPress sites effortlessly.
Account Manager

Account Manager & Overview

We have created a sturdy and efficient infrastructure for our hosting platform to handle an unlimited number of websites and resource-intensive tasks. Manage your unlimited accounts and get an overview on the same dashboard.
Track Events

Track Event logins

Get a detailed report and track user activity, including event logins and logouts. This comprehensive monitoring helps you understand user behavior, enhance security, and improve overall site management.

Manage your teams efficiently

Whether you work on your project all alone, have a complete team, or work with an external agency. WPOven provides you with a well-organized and clean design that helps you to manage your hosting easily.
unlimited team

Unlimited team size

With WPOven’s enterprise WordPress hosting, you can add unlimited users and track their activities. WPOven provides you with a dedicated section from where you can keep an eye on detailed Event logs.
client panel

Client Manager

The WordPress client manager is a perfect platform for Organizations, Businesses, Web Agencies, developers, and Resellers alike. It helps you to manage, bill, and invoice all your Clients and their WordPress sites.


Site analytics allow you to visualize the website performance of your organization or all your clients' sites, including visits, page views, and other traffic details in the form of graphs and stats.


Frequently Asked Questions

See All Faqs

Do you offer hosting for a single high-resource site?

Yes, all our hosting plans are equipped with powerful and robust hardware to handle not just a single website but unlimited websites. Even if you plan to host a single website, it will have more than enough resources compared to the average site.

What types of enterprise security features does WPOven offer?

We are committed to providing a secure and complete peace of mind Enterprise web hosting experience, this can be only possible due to the:

1. We have dedicated Anti-hacking support for free 24/7, if something           goes south.
2. Proactive Automatic Malware scanning and removal
3. Your website is protected by Cloudflare DDoS and Web Application 

Why WordPress for Enterprise?

Various significant reasons make WordPress a perfect fit for Enterprises: 
1. Scalability 
2. Flexibility and Customizations 
3. A developer-friendly environment 
4. Superlative Content Editing and management tools 
5. Future-ready platform

Do you provide special agency offers for WordPress hosting?

Yes, we have a dedicated plan for agencies that includes benefits such as unlimited free migrations, Unlimited hosting, and Unlimited staging. Plus, if you choose the annual plan, you will get 2 months of subscription fees free. Learn more about agency hosting.

Do you provide custom enterprise plans?

Yes, if you are unable to find a standard plan that fits your needs, contact our team at WPOven to have a custom plan created for you that fulfills your requirements.

Quit Worrying About Hosting Hustle

Focus on growing your business and let us take care of your websites with complete server management and dev support. We Offer FREE Migrations with zero downtime.

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WPOven is the best Managed WordPress hosting for agencies and businesses that want to succeed. With Unlimited sites hosting option, its easy to use and manage, so you can focus on growing your business. 
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