The Smarter Flywheel Alternative

WPOven vs Flywheel

WPOven is a better yet affordable Flywheel alternative. 
Given below are a few reasons which may help make up your mind.

Unlimited Visits

Flywheel visit based pricing is simply too restrictive and can easily cause overages as hits being counted for bots, crawlers and even people hotlinking in.

Unlimited Sites

From our experience most people have on average 3 – 5 sites , which would require a Freelancer or agency plan on Flywheel even if those sites have little to no traffic. 

While on WPOven you may start with the smallest plan and grow as you need and add as many sites the server can handle.

More Storage

One can never have enough storage, for the same value plans WPOven offer storage which is very expensive in flywheel. 

While WPOven minimum plan gives 20GB Storage at $16.61, the same storage starts at $135 at flywheel. This makes WPOven affordable to everyone.

Annual Cost Comparison

To put things into perspective we have done a small cost analysis of owning 
3 Sites on WPOven and Kinsta with CDN and SSL on them.

We assume the sites in total receive about 100K visitors per month. We have given costs of both the Hobby and a 
Personal plan as both can handle such traffic and sites but depends on number of plugins and the type of site as well.


For a Freelancer or an Agency with about 15 Clients with 300K traffic.

Feature Comparison

Given below is a feature comparison between WPOven and Kinsta.

Server Setup




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