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Protect your sensitive data or information of your business by hosting on our Fastest and most secure WordPress hosting. Our proactive and effective measures with Cloudflare integration help mitigate all types of malware traffic and DDOS attacks in no time. 

WPOven offers a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee!

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More than 68% of Worldwide Business Leaders Feel Cyber security Vulnerability has Increased Tremendously

There are billions of websites present on the web and due to this fact you might think, there are a few fewer chances that your website might get under attack. Although it is true upto some extent. 

1. Malware injection has been now prevalent. 
2. WordPress sites are more vulnerable to attack. 
3. Bots trying to infest your website and leak sensitive data to the public domain.

But what are the major reasons that hackers get easily infest your website?
Cyber security Vulnerability
Backups Included

Cheap and unreliable Web hosting

Free and cheap web hosts come with a lot of compromises in terms of security, features, and service. Because running a web hosting company requires costly infrastructure, therefore companies provide cheaper plans and free services in lieu of
1. Compromised security (No DDoS protection, firewalls, or regular malware scanning) 
2. Poor Customer Support 
3. No anti-hacking support
Client Panel

Vulnerabilities due to Human error

There is about more than 95% of cyber-attacks and cybersecurity breaches happen due to human error. Ignoring best practices and important guidelines can lead to open a gateway for hackers to attack. Some of the most common human errors are: 
1. Installing third-party plugins or themes 
2. Using weak login credentials 
3. Lack of awareness and using unauthorized devices
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Missing or ignoring updates Regularly

You must be surprised to know that the most vulnerable passage through which hackers love to get through your website is, outdated plugins, themes, and WordPress core files. From time to time hackers always strive to find out new loopholes and used them as their passage to get entry to your WordPress site.
1. Outdated plugins have security bugs 
2. Outdated themes 
3. Outdated WordPress core files 

A Record-breaking Data Breach Occurred that cost around $4.24 Million due to A Cyberattack.

What makes WPoven the Most
Trusted and Secure WordPress Hosting

We believe in providing a completely secure experience to our users. Hence, we have designed our infrastructure with built-in bot protection, Web application firewalls as well as enterprise-level Cloudflare protection that ensures total security without any compromises.
Hardened Servers: Well optimized servers with best security practices such as built-in DDosSecurity and firewall protection.
Unlimited staging environment: Detect bugs, fix errors, and test new core updates, plugins, themes, or custom code before making your website live with our free unlimited WordPress staging platform.
Daily offsite backup and 1 click restore: 14 Daily Amazon S3-based automatic server-level backup stored offsite help to eliminate the risk of any data loss and you can restore it with just a single click.
Anti-Hacking Support: Got hacked ?, Malware warning on your site? no problem our dedicated Expert team with years of experience will quickly sort it out.
Inbuilt Bot and Firewall protection: Immediately detect any suspicious web traffic surges and block them immediately to avoid server resource usage and help your website to stable all the time.
Let’s  Encrypt Free SSL: Enhance your website security with a single click-free SSL certificate installation available with every plan.
Cloudflare Certified Partner: Enterprise-grade security features provided by Cloudflare that protect from DDoS attacks and malicious web traffic is included Free in every plan.
Automatic and Safe Updates: Woven's safe updates help you automatically detect, test, and install the latest version available. Ensures a total risk-free experience without any breakage.

Three Mantras of Successful Online Business that Nobody talks about

We provide you with a well-optimized WordPress environment to grow your business online with the elements of enterprise-level security features, high-performing hardened servers, and proactive dedicated Expert support 24x7.
Three Mantras of Successful Online Business
Secure By Design

Shield Protection

Get your business multiple layers of shield protection from hackers, malicious traffic, and DDoS attacks with enterprise-level Security features. Providing a completely secure environment and eliminating the risk of data breaching which can lead you a heavy loss.

1. Cloudflare integration.
2.  Free SSL encryption.
3. Web application.
4. Firewalls Bot protection.
Blazingly Fast

Powerpact Performance

A Web host can either make or break your website performance and its speed. Hence, selecting the right web host for your business is essential, that can sustain huge traffic without affecting the speed of the website and also make your website run all the time no matter what.

1. Low loading time.
2.  Upto 100% Uptime.
3.  Sustain traffic spikes.
Private Server

Customer Support

The third mantra for any website to be successful is the level of Expert Support it gets from the web host. A 24x7 dedicated Expert support around-the-clock can help your website to run smoothly without any hiccups all the time.

1. Hotlines available.
2.  Experts support team available 24X7.
3.  Unified Dashboard to contact.
Every Plan Includes

Assured Benefits in our All Plans

Dedicated Cloud: An entire Virtual Dedicated cloud with every plan that delivers Excellent performance with high speed.
Free Unlimited Premium Migration: Looking to migrate a single or more website? Our Dev support assistant makes it easy for you and saves a lot of your valuable time.
14-days money-back guarantee: 14 days of the risk-free money-back guarantee.
Daily backup: Daily Amazon S3-based automatic Backup so that your years of hard work should never go waste.
Let's Encrypt SSL: Free SSL certificate preinstalled on every website you host and secure your all online transactions and customer data,  so your visitors can shop with confidence and maintain trust.
CDN ready: WPOven is a proud partner of Cloudflare, which ensures enhanced security and even Faster loading time.
Free Email: Get free business email so that your website looks more authentic and professional.
24*7 Expert Support: Got issues or have any queries? Get assured help from our Experts Support team available online around the clock 24X7.


Frequently Asked

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How do I protect my WordPress site?

1. Choose a reliable and trusted Web host (WPOven) 
2. Install an SSL certificate 
3. Limit login attempts 
4. Use third-party plugins and themes from trusted sources 
5. Keep your core files, themes and plugins updated 
6. Use Cloudflare to protect from DDoS attacks Install 
7. Security plugins Install Firewalls.

How safe is hosting a website?

No web host can guarantee you with 100% protection. However you can protect your website to a major extent by choosing a most reliable and trustful web host. At WPOven your website will have all the latest and advanced security features from both physical server level as well as from online cyber attacks.
1. Hardened Server 
2. Cloudflare protection 
3. Free SSL certificate 
4. Inbuilt bot protection and Firewalls 
5.Daily malware scanning

How do I secure my WordPress site without plugins?

If you do not want to use any WordPress security plugin, follow these tips: 

1. Choose a secured WordPress host (WPOven) 
2. Limit login attempts 
3. Change the default username and password 
4. Use strong passwords 
5. Remove/delete unnecessary installed plugins and themes 
6. Keep updating your WordPress core files, plugins, and themes. 
7. Regular Backup of your website 
8. Install SSL certificates 
9. Enable Firewalls

Which hosting is best in security?

At WPOven secured WordPress hosting, your website will have a complete security shield with features like:
1. Hardened Server (firewall and DDoS protection.
2. Malware scanning.
3.  Free encrypt SSL.
4. Cloudflare Protection.
5. Anti-Hacking support.

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