WordPress Maintenance Services Around The Clock

Premium expert support that helps to fix all your WordPress issues 24x7

With the help of our best WordPress developers and Expert support that have years of experience. We provide a complete seamless WordPress experience to our customers. From onboarding to troubleshooting problems, we take care of all your wordPress headache 24x7.

Our WordPress Maintenance services

Web Management

Get complete web management services that include Website theme and plugin Updation, Site speed, and content optimization. 

1. Theme Demo Setup Support. 
2. Plugin Setup & Update Support. 
3. Google Analytics & Console Integration. 
4. Staging & Sync Help. 
5. Website Content Edits.

Uptime Monitoring your site 24X7

You will never have to keep on checking whether your website is live and available. We will do it for you. We continuously monitor your website all day long 24x7 through the year. We give you a 100% uptime guarantee and make sure your websites stay online no matter what.

Optimization support

Together we can help make your sites faster for you. We optimize your website performance and speed through rigorous testing and follow all the best tactics to boost site speed.

Eliminate the risk with automatic backups

At WPOven, we provide 14 Days automated backups also an option for daily manual offsite backups with a one-click restore option. Powered by Amazon S3 based backup system in case things go south.

Complete security management

Your data is safe and secure with our web hosting technology that follows all the latest industry-standard security measures and has hardened servers with best security practices with firewall and DOS protection. Our platform is thoroughly updated with the latest security measures.

Daily malware scanning and removal

We carry out daily malware scanning and remove it if found any on our platform. Our daily malware scanning and removal service is a standard feature and is included in our all plans. Our platform is secured by built-in designed infrastructure with Web Application Firewall and Bot protection.

Free migration services

When you are pretty sure about our reliable and fast WordPress Managed Hosting managed WordPress hosting solution, we are ready to welcome your business to migrate your website to our servers. We offer free website migration services and make sure that your website remains active during the entire migration service with zero downtime. AT WPoven, we have dedicated DEV Support that assists you to transfer your website without any glitches and keep serving your website users while your migration is being completed. 

Developer Friendly environment

Since we are a dedicated developer team at WPOven. So we created a hosting platform that is a developer-friendly provider We have provided all the necessary tools, you can choose from to control, develop and speed up projects.

1. Premium Themes and Plugins,
2. Developer tools like GIT, WP-CLI, SSH Access
3. One-click Unlimited staging and sync
4. Powerful site builder

Advanced Setup

We provide you with a Custom setup with tools like PageSpeed, HHVM, Redis, MemCache, etc.

Anti- Hacking support

Got hacked? Or a Malware warning on your site? No need to worry, let us sort it out for you. Just raise a ticket and rest you can count on us.

Custom WordPress Dev support

We provide tailored support for all your websites and handle all issues from troubleshooting custom plugins/themes to DB-related issues.

Uninterrupted Website Migration

We make a copy of your website’s file folder and databases and transfer that to our servers, complete the DNS propagations, and finish the migration with uninterrupted delivery.

Our Support with your Growth

Our premium Expert support and top-notch features provide you with a strong backbone throughout the journey of your growth. We better know all the challenges that you might face during this journey and bring you an optimum solution that scales your business.

White Label reselling

Are you running an agency or want to White label our services to offer your clients.

Premium plugins and themes

Selection of best-paid plugins and themes available to give you that edge and an amazing look. 

Enterprise or agency level solutions

Want to manage unlimited sites, top-notch maintenance services, and security? We provide custom Dev Support for you.

eCommerce Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services are also leveraged for Woocommerce websites and we offer all the premium top-notch maintenance services equally for all the websites hosted on our WordPress managed hosting platform.

Get The Best WordPress Maintenance Services With WPOven

What does WPOven support cover?

We are available 24/7 through our ticketing system, You may access it through the support icons in your left sidebar after you log in. We also recommend going through the Knowledge base for quicker resolution of the most common issues faced.
We have you covered under the following situations -
1. Problems trying to use the features of our platform like staging, cloning, setting up SSL, etc.
2. Investigating Server error messages.
3. Issues with sending emails.
4. Basic Performance optimization where server config changes are required.
5. Migration to WPOven.
6.  General advice regarding themes and plugins.
7.  Setting up DNS settings and fixing DNS-related issues.
You will need a Developer for tasks that involve development or code changes, a few examples -
1. Change appearance of the site.
2. Any type of tasks where code changes are required.


Frequently Asked

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What is included in WordPress maintenance?

1. Web Management 
2. Uptime Monitoring your site 
3. 24X7 Optimization support 
4. Eliminate the risk  with automatic backups 
5. Complete security management 
6. Daily malware scanning and removal 7. Free migration services 
8. Developer Friendly environment 
9. Advanced setup 
10. Anti- Hacking support 
11. Custom WordPress Dev support

How much does WordPress maintenance cost?

If you have hosted your website on a reputed web hosting service provider. You are not required to pay extra for WordPress maintenance. All the web management and maintenance are solely done by the hosting company.

However, if your web host does not offer you wordpress maintenance services, you can outsource the service that ranges from 20$ to 200$. It all depends on what services you choose and what not.

What are website maintenance services?

Website maintenance services are the essential activities that need to be done on a website to keep it running as fast and smooth as possible from time to time. All these activities include monitoring the website performance and if found any issue, fixing it as soon as possible. 

The main motive is to make sure the website is fully functional all the time without any issue and with zero downtime.

What happens if you don't maintain your website?

If you don’t maintain your website or perform regular maintenance activities on your website, it will start slowing down, website traffic will decrease, the conversion rate will start decreasing.

Malware attacks will happen and eventually, your website will stop working completely.

Quit Worrying About Hosting Hustle

Focus on growing your business and let us take care of your websites with complete server management and dev support. We Offer FREE Migrations with zero downtime.

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