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Curious about the impact of a blazing-fast WordPress site
 on your organic web traffic?

With a proven track record of optimizing more than 60k WordPress websites, we've come up with a honed fail-safe 3-step strategy. This proven strategy not only helps you to boost agency revenue but also minimizes client turnover, ensuring sustainable growth and client satisfaction.

Page speed method - The WPOven Way (No sales gimmick, Pure valuable information & services)

😨 Are you worried about your WordPress site failing in core web vitals?

🚫 Fed up of spending money on paid plugins that overpromise and underdeliver?

😀 Say goodbye to all your WordPress page speed problems and fix them in a snap….Complete focus on growing your business…and …remove any doubts about optimizing core web vitals.

All you need to do is download this free Pagespeed cheat sheet today and follow the provided method step by step.

The best part is You'll get immediate results by simply using Google's speed test!

What to do after that?

When you notice the Google page speed score goes up, move on to the next page of this guide. There, You will be able to calculate, how much money you could save each month on services your site needs, which you might already be paying for!

But, I dont want to invest in more paid plugins that I need to update.

Alright!  We know managing a WordPress site is like doing multitasking. This is why this ultimate guide can help you get over it with the power of AI tools like ChatGPT. You will get the same results as paid optimization plugins at zero cost and without straining the server. 

Will I need to get a new theme?

No way! We’ll guide you through different optimizing techniques for your current theme, that speed up your website. It's just as simple as a few clicks.

But I don’t like coding.

Okay! That's not a big deal. It is why the WPOven page speed method provides free verified plugins that handle the heavy lifting automatically while ensuring they also meet core web vitals requirements.

What else do I get?

We have years of experience handling over 60k websites, and now we know which paid and free plugins were able to deliver on their promises.
Even if you think the pagespeed method is not for you, at least you will get to know your website's status.

Ready to pass core web vitals?

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My clients are actually happy with their site speed, all thanks to this.

Dillian • SEO and GMB Expert


Ever since Google made core web vitals mandatory, this has become my secret weapon for WordPress optimization.

Jareth • Agency Owner


I'm saving at least 10 hours per week by not having to deal with server fires. I'm now spending this time to get new clients.

Hadena • WordPress Dev

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