WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Say goodbye to fretting over Google penalties due to slow speed and sluggish page loading in search results. 

Our fully optimized infrastructure, featuring the world's fastest dedicated servers, ensures your website loads in under 2 seconds, delivering guaranteed grade-A core web vitals.

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Assured A+ 
Core Web Vital Results

Website Speed is one of the major factors for Search Engine Rankings, So it should be on your priority list too!

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Why Are We The Best WordPress 
Speed Optimization Service Provider

Speed Optimization Service Provider

◉ We have dedicated fully WordPress-optimized servers specially designed for WordPress sites.

◉ You do not need to buy extra WordPress speed optimization services, WPOven’s wordpress hosting is enough.

◉ We have 10 years of experience in successful WordPress hosting.

◉ We offer a completely risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.

◉ We have proprietor plugins specially designed to optimize simple and complex websites.

◉ We have a dedicated group of developers who work tirelessly day and night to bring you the well-optimized WordPress infrastructure.

Fully Managed
WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Our Engineers have developed a fully WordPress-optimized infrastructure for optimum performance

Optimized Images

Optimized Images

Enjoy Top-notch WordPress Speed Optimization Services in a single Fully Managed WordPress hosting plan.

Edge Caching

Edge Caching

Improve website performance and reduce the load on origin servers with CDN-ready worldwide data centers.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Experience blazing speed & unlock the potential of a dedicated Virtual Server optimized for WordPress websites.

Pre-assigned Dedicated resources

Dedicated resources

At WPOVen, get Dedicated RAM, IP, CPU, and Network Resources allocated from the initial setup.

Fastest Server Stack

Server Stack

Our fastest tech stack and dedicated resources reduce server load, boosting page speed.

CDN-ready World Wide Data Centers

CDN-ready World Wide 
Data Centres

Global data centers located in Australia, US, Canada, Europe, and Asia to deliver your asset Faster.

Choose A Plan To Speed Up Your
WordPress Site 20x Faster.

Why do you need
WordPress Speed Optimization Service?

Website Speed is one of the major factors for Search Engine Rankings, So it should be on your priority list too!

◉  Enhanced User Experience: Faster loading times lead to a smoother and more enjoyable experience for your visitors. A positive user experience can increase engagement and encourage repeat visits.

◉  Search Engine Rankings: Search engines, such as Google, consider page speed as a ranking factor. A faster website is more likely to appear higher in search results, improving visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

◉  Reduced Bounce Rates: Slow-loading websites often result in higher bounce rates, as visitors may leave if they have to wait too long. Faster speeds can keep users on your site, reducing bounce rates and increasing the chance of conversions.

◉  Improved Conversion Rates: Faster websites are associated with higher conversion rates. Quick-loading pages contribute to a seamless user journey, making it more likely for visitors to take desired actions.

◉  Mobile Optimization: With the increasing use of mobile devices, optimizing website speed is crucial for mobile users. Fast-loading pages ensure a positive experience for users accessing your site on mobiles and tablets.

◉  Better SEO Performance: Page speed is considered one of the core web vitals, and search engines prioritize websites that meet these criteria. By improving your website speed, you align with SEO best practices.

What Our Clients Say

  • Veena Azmanov


    "I came to WP Oven at a time when I really needed help because my site was hacked and my hosting company at that time refused to help me. I was stressed and frustrated."

  • Pavan Iyengar


    "By far the best dedicated VPS WP hosting services. The service is amazing. A company which truly values it’s customers. Keep up the good work guys!"

  • Fabio Cantelli


    "I moved from my old hosting, a dedicated server, to WPOven about 2 weeks ago. The reason why I moved was that, even if my dedicated hosting was not expensive and quite powerful,"

  • Fidel Navamuel


    "I was surprised by the quality and the speed of the WPOven support team . You can forget all the worries related to viruses, malware and other malfunctions. WPOven is there when you want"

  • Penina Petersen


    "This is a great hosting company. My sites all work perfectly here. I’ve never had an issue. The dashboard is easy and simple to use. The guys always help me if I need support"

  • Christine Preusler


    "No matter what type of business site you’re cooking up, WPOven’s fully managed WordPress hosting solutions provide users with the resources they need for a robust online presence."

  • Enrico Mingiacchi


    "Fast platform and reliable servers are just the beginning. A knowledgeable, quick and incredibly useful support is what really sets WPOven apart from the rest"

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Frequently Asked

See All Faqs

What is the speed-up service for WordPress?

WPOven is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider that has  WordPress Speed Optimization services included in the hosting plan. The whole infrastructure is custom-built and optimized for WordPress sites of all types and sizes so you do not need to buy any separate speed-up service for WordPress.

How long will it take to optimize my slow WordPress website?

The optimization starts from the day you host or migrate your WordPress site to WPOven’s server. But it may vary depending on the website’s size and complexity.

How does WPOVen’s WordPress speed optimization service work?

WPOven has a custom-built, fully optimized, and managed WordPress hosting infrastructure that provides a well-rounded environment for WordPress sites to grow. With blazing-fast dedicated servers, a proprietary custom-built caching plugin, edge caching, and CDN-ready global data centers, WPOven provides the necessary elements to enhance the speed of any WordPress site, regardless of its size or type.

Can WPOven help me migrate to a faster host?

Migrate your website from any hosting company to WPOven with FREE wordpress migration without any glitch or downtime and get blazing speed. All you need to do is buy a plan that you feel is good for your site.
Then request Migration here: https://app.wpoven.com/support/tickets/migrate
Migration usually takes 24 - 48 hours to complete. Once migration is complete, you may modify your Domain's AName DNS record to point to your new WPOven server IP.

What are the plugins you work with?

WPOven’s dedicated servers are self-sufficient to provide you with the best website performance but to give it an optimum edge, we have a custom-built proprietor caching plugin that helps to further boost the website speed.
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