5 Proven Methods to Find and Fix Broken Links in Your WordPress Site

Broken links are one of the major concerns from both user and SEO points of view. Hence, learning how to detect broken links and resolve them in time is one of the most crucial parts of Technical SEO.

In this article, you will learn What are Broken links? How they affect your site and user experience. And 5 Best comprehensive methods to resolve in WordPress without any extra effort.

2. Using Google Search Console Crawl Stats

Google search console, an online tool developed by Google to monitor and troubleshoot errors on a webpage for better Google search results. To begin the scanning process, first, you need to link your website with a Google console. After adding it, you can enjoy its features and benefits.

Google search Console checking Broken links
Google Search Console checking Broken links

From the above pic, you can see how the Google search console shows 404 error pages.

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