Browser Market Share & Usage Statistics (2022)

Whenever you heard about a browser, the very first name that comes to your mind is Google’s Chrome Browser. It is one of the Browsers that has a wide user base. But when you consider Brower Market share from around the world, you will find there are a lot of other Browers are also available and they can be a better alternative to Chrome. Hence, we must not underestimate them too.

To access and browse content, there are a variety of Web browsers are available, in which some of which you heard about them, is Safari, Microsoft edge, and firefox. But there are also some popular Web browsers that you might have heard somewhere or maybe not familiar with, they are Opera, Yandex, or Brave.

Browser Market share

In the above graph that is showing the Browser Market share WorldWide from Oct 2020 to Sept 2021, you can observe, Google chrome outshines every other Browser in the market. It has maximum browser market share and no other browser is showing any near competition to it.

  Browser  Share
1 Chrome 67.56%
2 Edge 7.75%
3 Firefox 7.48%
4 Internet Explorer 5.21%
5 Safari 3.73%
6 QQ 1.96%
7 Sogou Explorer 1.73%
8 Opera 1.12%
9 Yandex 0.90%
10 UC Browser 0.37%
Browser market share desktop

Since Chome is on the top list with a whopping 67.56% browser market share, whereas Microsoft’s edge is at the second position with 7.75% browser market share and Firefox(7.48%) is the third.

Google Chrome Shines the global Browser Market share  

if your current default desktop browser is Google, then you must have aware of its features and benefits. Google Chrome is one of the fastest, well build, and well-designed Web browsers you have. This makes it a popular web browser and people across the globe choose chrome for browsing online content on their desktops or smartphones.

There are numerous figures and stats are available online that support the above statement. As per the recent posts by stat counter, as of September 2021, google chrome has reached 67.56% of the Global Brower market share.

Browser Market Share Worldwide
Browser Market Share Worldwide

A bar graph is more visually impactful regarding other visual representations of data, and it will be easier for you to understand how far google chrome has gone in Browser Maker share Worldwide. Chome simply dominates by more than half of the total market share for desktops.

As per the reports from another leading website, W3Counter, Chrome Browser’s market share among all the browsers globally available is 63.3%.

Global browser market share chart
Global Browser market share chart

You will also be surprised to know that not only Google dominates the Browser market share. Google even dominates the Search engine market share for desktops which is about 92% of the search engines worldwide. But when we talk about Google’s Operating system, this is where it lacks behind other major tech giants and also needs a lot of improvements in this field.

When talking about Operating systems (OS), Google holds only 0.42 % of the global OS market share. Whereas, Windows OS accounts for the maximum share of 87.82% and Apple’s Mac Os holds only 9.42%.

FireFox Mozilla Market share

Mozilla Firefox and Safari are two browsers that have almost the same browser market share and are just behind google chrome in the list. Safari accounts for 17.7% Global browser market share and is in the 2nd position after chrome whereas firefox has only 5.8% market share and holds 3rd position in the global market share position.

But the majority of the crowd on the internet uses Windows operating system and uses Firefox as their secondary or alternative browser rather than Microsoft’s edge or Apple’s Safari. The majority of the firefox usage comes from Desktop devices, whereas its mobile browser share is very less than 0.47%.

Year by year the Firefox browser market share is decreasing, it reduces to 5.8% from 9.76% which was last year. There are no positive signs are showing that Firefox may likely rise again. It is because people are now switching on MacOS and using Safari browsers, which provides more features and an enhanced user experience.

Safari continues to rise its Browser market share

Safari is at the 2nd position of a most-used Web browser after chrome, accounts of total 17.7% of the global Market share. This figure won’t surpass google chrome at any time soon, but its main competitor is Firefox because both these platforms often have almost the same share percentages.

The current(2021) share is 17.7% which is an incredible leap from 5.64% Browser market share in the year 2019. It is due to the popularity rise in MacOs, which is now the second most used OS after Windows. It accounts for almost 17.76% of the global OS market share.

One thing you must also note is that recently it has been reported that there have been some security flaws or privacy issues happen with Safari. This report has been released by Google showing the Safari has seriously some Security flaws that can be vulnerable to their users and track all their activities. But, Apple also took immediate action and corrected all the security issues and vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s Edge destop browser market share

Microsoft’s OS Windows has a default browser called Edge, which very few shares of people use. It accounts for a total 5.4% Browser market share in 2021, which is a slight increase from the previous market share of 3.45% in the year 2020.

Seeing the overall performance of Microsoft’s edge is positive. It is all due to its availability for most of the available devices and Operating Systems, such as macOS, Windows, etc. You must have also used or been familiar with the name Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which was the default browser earlier and on the verge of decline. Its market share is declining year by year and soon it will no longer be available for use.

Microsoft’s Edge has now become adopted and introduced as a default browser in Windows 10 devices. While considering Windows OS market share, which is about 75.4% of the global Desktop OS market share, in which windows 10 accounts for almost 80% of the operating systems.

Based on the Chromium project, Microsoft’s Edge offers a variety of options just like chrome, such as store, addons, and extension options. and also it enables users to choose their default search engines as Google rather than Bing.

Opera Browser Market Share (Desktop)

Opera Browser Market share is currently about 2.57% of the total browser market share for desktops. This figure is just behind firefox with a 7.9% market share in 2021. It has also been found that the share or popularity of Opera has been declining per year with a slight margin. Earlier in the 2020s, it was around 3% but in 2021 it has become 1.5%.

Web Browser Market share 2021
Web Browser Market share 2021

What makes Opera a different browser from others are some of its unique features such as built-in VPN, Support for multiple devices, and operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. However Opera mini was also very popular for small mobile devices or smartphones.

Brave the new Web Browser in the market

You must have come across this Browser name Brave many times on your Youtube Ads or banners. Brave is a new Web browser that has been recently introduced. It is an open-source Web browser that provides users a secure, fast and incognito browsing feature that also has integrated Blocking ads and anti-tracking features.

It is developed by Brave Software Inc, this browser is available for almost every device available such as your PC, Apple’s Mac, and smartphones.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Since brave is a newbie in the web browser market, you won’t find statistics or information regarding Brave’s global Browser market share or any data related to it. It is because its count is very limited for now which is unable to track or trace.

Another thing is that brave is an open-source platform and uses Chrome user agents and firebox user agents to hide their data. And disguise themselves like whichever website you visit will appear Chrome or Firefox only.

On the other side, you must note one thing that Brave is based on chromium, which has a Browser Market share of about 0.05% for desktop users. However, Brave claims to have over 20 Million Monthly active users and 7 million daily active users.

Sogou Explorer and QQ Browser market share (Desktop)

You might have heard a little about Sogou Explorer as well as the QQ browser. These two browsers are some of the popular web browsers in China. Due to china’s internet policy, their people mainly used these two browsers to access the content on the internet. And due to China’s massive population, it accounts for 1.76 % of the global browser market share.

As per the 2020 reports, both Sogou Explorer and QQ showed almost the same browser market shares in the Desktop category globally.

To your surprise, Sogou Explorer is an open-source freeware browser that is also based on Chromium. Its web browser engines are powered by Internet Explorer’s trident and Google chrome’s WebKit. Whereas, QQ web browser is developed by Tencent which is a Chinese big tech company that has a little global market share of about 1.98%.

Considering stats in China, QQ holds the second position for most usage of Desktop browsers with more than 7% market share and is available on all the platforms such as Android, Mac, Windows, or iOS.Sogou’s regional desktop market share is about 4.52%.


Internet is vast and dark, accessing information or content through the browser can be risky and critical. Now it has become an essential requirement for any internet user to have a featureful, feast, and secure internet browser.

When considering desktop versions particularly for web browsing, there are some best and most powerful options are available in the market, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and safari. But Google chrome will dominate the market for a good time because it has a huge user base and many users use it as their default web browser.

Supported by Google’s robust IT infrastructure and powered by its powerful advanced Technology, Google can deliver a seamless and Fastest experience that other browsers will unable to match.

Hope the above Browser market analysis will help you to learn the present performance of various browsers around the world and if you find any worthy points to add that we have missed or are unable to mention in this post, please do let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently asked Questions

Which browser has the biggest market share?

Google chrome is turned out to be the market leader when we talk about Browser that has the biggest market share. It holds around 67.56% of the total browser market share for desktops.

What are the top 3 web browsers based on market share in use today?

The three top web browsers based on market share in use today are:
1. Chrome – 67.56%
2. Safari- 17.1%
3. FireFox- 7.48%

Why has Firefox lost market share?

The main reason why firefox lost market share is its irregular major and significant updates and lack of consistent maintenance or degradation. Which is a result that affects its performance and users start abandoning it.

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