Time to switch to Managed Hosting

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting ?

Managed WordPress hosting provides technical assistance by the hosting service, regarding all server and wordpress related issues. One of the biggest advantages of Managed WordPress hosting is that you get premium support straight from WordPress experts. Some people also describe it as a “5-star Hotel Concierge service for WordPress”. Read more »

Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress

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WP Project Manager  (Free/Premium)

WP Project Manager allows you to move your management functions in-house as opposed to having to log in to an external site multiple times a day. WP project Manager have a premium upgrade that cost up to $199 (WP Project Manager Pro) which gives unlimited site support.

  • Easily add projects to manage from inside WordPress
  • Collaborate with team members based on their user levels
  • Get an overview of your project list with a Calendar function
  • You control user roles, assigning managers, co-workers, and clients
  • Assign creators and limit project visibility
  • See current project statuses
  • Track milestones
  • Archive completed projects Read more »

Top PHP security vulnerabilities / risks

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Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render

PHP is an open source, server side language which is used for web development. It is an acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”.

Some of the main Advantages of PHP are :

  • FREE : Perhaps the biggest advantage is that it is available for free and therefore since it is open source, it is regularly updated by programmers all over the globe.
  • Plantform Independent: Runs on any OS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX etc.
  • Capable : It is build to design and run high traffic websites like Facebook and Twitter.


Even after being so popular and having a large community, PHP has some vulnerabilities as well :

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Nginx vs. Apache, which is better for your WordPress site

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What is Nginx and Apache


Nginx (Pronounced Engine-x) and Apache, both are open source web servers.

The Apache web servers are the oldest ones around. They have been in use since 1995, whereas nginx came some where around 2002. Both the products are open-source and free but if you need support for nginx you will need to buy Nginx Plus version. Nginx was written primarily to address the C10K problem and some performance and scalability issues associated with Apache.

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Top 10 Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress 2014

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Social media has been integrated into each and every part of our internet experience. Whether you are viewing a video on YouTube or reading an article on BBC, you will see a section on the page that allows you to share content through social media services.

Social media is a crucial component for any online marketing strategy. The reason websites promote social media sharing is because so much traffic can be generated from it. If you’re running your small business website on the WordPress platform, it’s incredibly easy to integrate social. There are hundreds of ready made social media plugins for WordPress to choose from. Read more »

All Sites updated due finding of fresh WordPress Vulnerabilities.

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A new vulnerability has been found that allows for DDOS attacks on all versions of the WordPress and Drupal CMS platforms as well as a few Joomla extensions. This vulnerability can endanger about 25% of the total Websites on the Internet.

More Information regarding this can be found here at the official WordPress news feed

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BA-VideoTube, New Video Theme for WordPress

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WPOven  presents BA-VideoTube Theme. Check out it’s key features :

  • Completely compatible with “WordPress Video Tube Plugin“.
  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0, tableless Design.
  • Supports WordPress 2.9 and 3.0 with new wordpress 3.0 functions.
  • Social Sharing Options for Videos.
  • Custom Logo Upload option.
  • In-built Video Gallery Slider.
  • Custom menus support & CSS3 Drop-Down Menus
  • and much more…

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Top 10 best recommended Plugins for WordPress 2014

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Plugins are added to extend the functionality and features or enhance the current features of a WordPress website.

They can be installed from the Dashboard via the Plugins page.

There are certain plugins that you must have in all your WordPress websites and this article will be covering 10 best and most popular plugins which could help elevate your website functionality.


1. BuddyPress   (Free)


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