Introducing Clients manager

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WPOven proudly presents Clients Manager, a new platform to manage all your clients and there websites, running on your WPOven server. The Clients manager  is a white label solution, which you can customize and on which you can manage your clients and there sites according to your needs. Your clients will never come across WPOven, while using the client manager dashboard.

Some of the key features of the Client’s Manager: Read more »

WPEngine vs Synthesis vs WPOven

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There are a lot of Managed WordPress hosting providers out there. In this post we compare WPOven with some of the most popular Managed hosting out there.

We will be comparing on the key features provided by the hosting and will compare 3 different levels of plans that each hosting has to offer. Read more »

7 Simple ways to protect your WP Business Site

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WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source CMS out there. It makes process of building sites extremely  easy . As WordPress is so popular it has a large number of plugins and themes available.

But popularity also means that it gets the unwanted attention of hackers. If you are running a WordPress web site, you should follow these simple rules to keep your site safe: Read more »

New ‘Site Locks’ to protect your site from Malware

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Seeing the recent increase in attempted malware infections, WPOven has introduced Site Locks.

What it does :

Locks the important WordPress files and does not allow any changes to them without authentication by entering the SFTP username and password. For Example if you have locked your site and you wish to Install / Upgrade a plugin or a theme, you would be prompted to enter the SFTP login information before doing so.

How can I do it :

To activate your site lock, you need to go to the “Sites” tab in your WPOven Dashboard and select the site you wish to lock. In the ‘Tools‘ section of that site you will see the button to lock or unlock the site.

lockunlock Read more »