5 Tips to Choose the Right CTAs for Your WordPress Site and how to Make them More Impactful

Call to action buttons can help your WordPress website prosper in many wonderful ways, but you have to know how to use them properly, which ones to create of all the options out there, and how to optimize them for maximum impact. Adding powerful CTAs to your WordPress site is important no matter if you’re running a blog or a WP eCommerce store where the primary goal is to boost conversions and generate quality leads. After all, you need a reliable way to inspire and encourage your visitors to take action, and you need a quick and easy way for them to get to that second step in the conversion process.

Needless to say, you can’t achieve this just with good copywriting and engaging blog posts, as you also need to position CTAs strategically to reduce customer effort as much as possible. If designed and implemented correctly, your CTAs can even help you improve your WordPress site’s SEO in the long term, so there’s really no reason not to use call-to-action buttons on the website. With all of that in mind, here are the best CTAs you can use and some time on how you can maximize their impact on your visitors.

Optimizing CTAs for user intent

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Firstly, to create a CTA that converts visitors into quality leads and even customers, you first have to understand why your visitors have landed on your site in the first place. You might think that the reason is that they want to buy something, but that might not be the case. There are several different reasons why people visit websites, and this is called user intent. User intent tells you what your visitor is trying to achieve, and you can differentiate between informational intent, navigational intent, and transactional intent.


Depending on which intent is in play, you will need to optimize your CTAs accordingly. For example, information intent depicts a customer who is looking to educate themselves on a certain topic, so if you blast them with a CTA that’s telling them to buy something, they’re most likely going to run away from your site. On the other hand, there is no reason to put a “learn more” CTA in front of a customer who is on your site to buy something – this is transactional intent. Be sure to optimize your CTAs according to your visitors’ intent.

Introduce creativity into the process

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Of course, it’s not just about the analytics and monitoring user intent, it’s also about making your CTAs more engaging and creative to capture the attention of your audience and inspire more conversion on your WordPress site. Of all the nifty tools your eCommerce WP site needs, creative CTAs are among the most important ones, simply because all of your competitors are already using them, so you need a way to stand out from the crowd and offer something truly different.


Make sure that your CTAs resonate with your brand’s tone of voice and personality, and don’t be afraid to but a unique twist on the wording and the copy within. Be sure to avoid generic CTA copy and opt for a more personalized approach and try to describe what your customer is getting by clicking on the button – this removes doubt and inspires them to proceed. 

Add a click-to-call button on every page

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Nowadays, people want to get in touch with their favourite brands on a moment’s notice, which often means that they want the ability to give you a call no matter the page they’re currently browsing on your site. To provide them with this functionality, you need two things: a click-to-call button, and a VoIP system.


The former you can add quickly with a WP Call Button plugin. The latter requires some consideration and research, though. Firstly, you should look for a detailed VoIP price breakdown and a comparison of the leading providers on the market, in order to find a plan that’s both affordable and full of handy features. Next, you need to integrate the VoIP features that will allow you to communicate seamlessly with your customers, including a low-cost phone system, mobile optimization and apps, forwarding and conferencing, virtual assistants, and more.

If you want to save even more money, use cloud phone systems, as you won’t be incharge of maintaining your system’s infrastructure.

Add icons and your logo as CTAs

Another way you can make your CTAs unique and engaging is to introduce them in the form of icons or use your brand’s logo or some iteration of it to inspire people to click on the button. Assuming that you have already created the perfect logo for your WordPress website, you can go ahead and create complementary icons and visuals that will act as visual CTAs. Make sure that all icons and iterations of your logo follow your brand’s visual guidelines and portray its unique identity in the best possible light to ensure brand stickiness and raise customer loyalty. 

Use quizzes and gamification as CTAs

Lastly, you can always use gamification to your advantage and make your CTAs more engaging than ever before. For example, quizzes can serve as amazing CTAs and lead generators, and if you come up with some great quiz ideas, you can easily inspire your visitors to take action and interact with your brand in a positive way – this will lead to faster conversions and entice visitors to share their scores on social media, effectively expanding your marketing reach and brand visibility. Gamification is the future of marketing, so be sure to integrate it into your WP site as soon as possible.

Wrapping up

Putting CTA buttons on your WordPress site can make all the difference when it comes to lead generation and sales, but you need to do it right. Be sure to use these tips to create some truly amazing CTAs that will help take your business forward.

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