9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]

Are you looking for the best WordPress review plugins for your website? 

Product review plugins can help you to enhance the product reviews which you upload to your website, making it more SEO advantageous. In this article, I will be mentioning some of the best WordPress review plugins for your website.

According to a study, in today’s world, almost every buyer admits that before buying any product, they once check the online reviews as well as personal comments of buyers of that product. This means that these online reviews are far more impactful than we think and have the power to influence buyers. 

Therefore, WordPress plugins allow us to add customer reviews to your website by providing you with a variety of templates without any further programming or code building. Below is a list of the best WordPress review plugins which you can use to improve your website in 2023.

If you are in hurry, here is a quick comparison table of the best WordPress Review plugins you can check.

Best WordPress Review Plugins – Comparison Table 2023

WordPress Review PluginsPro version starts fromFree versionActive installsAverage WordPress.org rating out of 5
WP Customer ReviewsFreetick1 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]30,000+4.3
Taqyeem$29cross 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]1900+NA
Ultimate Reviewer$45 cross 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]300+NA
Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed$9 / monthtick1 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]5,000+4.2
All in One Schema Rich Snippet$59 / yeartick1 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]60,000+4
Site Reviews€89tick1 9 Best WordPress Review Plugins For Your Website [2023]50,000+4.9
Best WordPress Review Plugin comparison table

What are the benefits of using WordPress Review Plugins?

Given below are some of the advantages of using review plugins on your WordPress website:

Increased User Engagement

An engaging and interactive website attracts more visitors. These elements not only let the visitor stay for a longer duration of time but also convince them to check your other content as well. The review section of your website will help the visitor feel a sense of connection towards that specific product. 

A review section will also portray that you respect the customer’s opinion and appreciate their feedback. The engagement and interaction aspect of your website is just as important as any other aspect since it is believed to highly influence visitors. 

By making your website more interactive and visitor-friendly, you can upscale your search engine rankings. In addition to that, you can make the user experience more memorable and gain more visitors, which will be quite beneficial for your website’s wealth.

Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

Your SEO ranking can be greatly boosted by schema markup and rich snippets. Schema markup is a type of code that is added to a website that the search engine reads and recognizes as the context of your website information. It enables them to show rich snippets on the search results. Rich snippets do not match classic search results and are hence chosen by the visitors over other sites.

Once you add reviews and rating plugins to your WordPress website, aside from allowing your customers to leave reviews and making them visible, most of these plugins add schema markup to your website for these reviews.

By adding review and rating plugins to your WordPress website, you can add schema markup to your sites for reviews. This will increase the chances of a customer choosing your website over the others since they can straight away see the reviews and ratings of the product on Google’s search result page.

SEO Benefits

Having a high SEO has become a must. Every website owner wants the website to appear on the first page of the search engine but for this; your website must be highly optimized.

Reviewing and rating plugins on your WordPress website will not only allow optimizing your website but also allow engagement of the users. These plugins will decrease your website’s bounce rate, i.e., the number of people who visit your website but leave after a few seconds.

Most of the search engines out there support the website’s schema markup, which is provided by these plugins. This also allows rich snippets to be displayed on Google’s search result page and increases the chances of your website being chosen over the other websites resulting in increased CTR. Therefore, the better the SEO, the more traffic you will get.

You can also check out this post on “How to improvise your WordPress site’s SEO?” and learn different working methods to boost your website’s visibility.

What to look for in a WordPress Review Plugin?

Some certain requirements and points are needed to be taken into consideration when choosing a review plugin on WordPress. Let us have a look at some points:

Ease of Use

A plugin must help the writer to save both time and effort. But, A plugin that is very complex to understand and consumes a lot of time is of no use. Their primary goal is to provide you with what you wish to add. The plugin qualifies as a good plugin if it works well according to your will and provides you with a variety of controls.


A good plugin must provide all its users with a support service to help them whenever they need it. Every plugin offers a different type of support service, from calls to just documentation, depending on the purchase cost or the subscription of the plugin. Therefore this must be kept in mind while choosing a plugin.

WordPress Themes and Plugins Compatibility

There are many review plugins on WordPress, but every plugin has been differently coded. Many plugins are incompatible with some themes, a host of other plugins, and also different WordPress versions. The developer of the plugin might also update the plugin to fix such issues. 

Therefore, while choosing a plugin, always keep in mind that the plugin should be well-optimized and compatible with your system’s requirements.

Review Design Template

WordPress is very popular for its easy management and extremely wide range of customization. Custom templates, therefore, have become a must for all types of WordPress plugins that affect the front end of the website.

A wide range of templates allows the user to customize it according to the website’s requirements. This also saves a lot of time and effort to code such a thing instead of using a template.

Therefore, the review plugin must provide an extensive collection of template that meets the requirements and fits all the users’ demands.

Rich Snippet Support

A review plugin’s major advantage is that it can display rich snippets on the search engine’s result page. This will ultimately improve your SERPs performance resulting in increased website traffic and profit.

These rich snippets will display your reviews on the search engine result page. Hence, a rich snippet must be provided by your review plugin.

Best WordPress Review Plugins

The best WordPress review plugins will offer the templates and customization options you need to quickly add stylish reviews to your site. Below are a mix of premium and free plugins that do exactly that so you can add social proof to your site on any budget. 

All the required features and needed customization options are being offered by some of the best WordPress review plugins, which will improve the standard of your website by adding a review section. Some of the best paid and free review plugins that will improve your website are given below.  

A WordPress review plugin must provide you with: 

  • A customizable review section with a well-designed rating system.
  • Rich snippets that will display will boost the rank in search engines.

In this article, we will be providing you with a list of the best 9 WordPress review plugins available, along with their features and pricing.

1. WP Customer Reviews

Most Lightweight WordPress Review Plugin

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is a free all-in-one solution for collecting, moderating, and posting reviews on the WordPress blog. WP Customer Reviews plugin helps you to obtain customer reviews as well as generate your product reviews.

This WordPress review plugin also helps you to configure the review form displayed to users and comes with detailed instructions about how to use the page.

Lightweight and speed-optimized, WP Customer Reviews will not slow down the website, even though you use their personalized rating scales and icons. Reviews are shown to the readers in an eye-catching manner. This WordPress review plugin is the best of all worlds. Please your viewers and the search engine crawlers at the same time.

Features of WP Customer Reviews

Wondering about the features offered by this amazing WordPress review plugin?

Nothing to worry about!!! When you are at WPOven. Scroll down to know the amazing features of WP Customer Reviews.

  • WP Multisite and Multiuser (WPMU / WPMS / WordPress MU) compatible.
  • All submissions are moderated, which means that YOU choose which reviews get shown.
  • Reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format, but search engines see the Schema.org microformat.
  • Multiple anti-spam measures to prevent automated spambots from submitting reviews.
  • Completely customizable, including which fields to ask for, require, and show.
  • Shortcodes are available for inserting reviews and review forms on any page or widget.
  • Works with caching plugins and custom themes.
  • Includes an external stylesheet so you can modify it to better fit your theme.
  • Reviews can be edited by the admin for content and date.
  • Admin responses can be made and shown under each review.

2. Taqyeem

Most Customizable WordPress Review Plugin


Taqyeem is another best-selling WordPress review plugin on the CodeCanyon platform. With this premium plugin, you can add a review box to every post or blog, including custom post types, and the sidebar of your website.

You may set the display to the best ratings, the most recent, or a random list in the sidebar. You should guarantee that the review box suits the branding by adjusting the color, typography, and rating scale. The ranking systems endorsed are stars, points, and percentages. Taqyeem operates for page, post, and even personalized post types. It’s extremely easy to use and has plenty of customization features to bring the branding to the point.

Features of Taqyeem WordPress Plugin

Let’s dig deep to know more about the features provided by this WordPress review plugin.

  • Unlimited colors and Review Criteria
  • Supports posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Typography Options.
  • 500+ Google Web Fonts. (Change elements fonts in the theme settings) .
  • RTL Support.
  • Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata.
  • Allow users to rate.
  • Best, Recent & rand. reviews widget.
  • 3 Review Styles: Stars, Points & percentage.
  • Multiple options for the rating image.
  • Localization Support.

Plans & Pricing of Taqyeem

Taqyeem is a premium WordPress review plugin that does not have any FREE version. To use the Taqyeem plugin for building responsive business directories, you need to buy a regular license worth $29. After purchasing the regular license, you can install the plugin and create beautiful and responsive review widgets with this premium plugin’s help.


3. Ultimate Reviewer

Best WordPress Review Plugin For Creating Personalized Templates

Ultimate Reviewer

Ultimate Reviewer is CodeCanyon’s premium WordPress analysis plugin. Ultimate Reviewer partners with Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder to help you create your personalized review prototypes. It also comes with its pre-built templates, though.

One of the unique aspects of this WordPress review plugin is that you can create your personalized review templates by combining the plugin with the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins. Or, you can select from a variety of pre-made templates as well.

Features of Ultimate Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Now, we will hop into the features that you can grab from this WordPress review plugin.

  • Accept and manage user reviews.
  • Display product reviews for one or all products
  • Multiple rating systems, including points and percentage
  • Set the maximum score for your product review and use either a text input, dropdown selection, or number of stars for score input
  • Filter reviews by score, product name, and review author
  • Restrict reviewable products to a predefined list, and drag-and-drop to re-arrange the list.
  • Flexible styling using the Custom CSS option
  • Allow users to upload an image with their review.
  • Allow users to upload a video with their review.
  • Options to display the date and author of the review
  • Ability to flag reviews as an inappropriate
  • Option to allow comments on reviews
  • Review categories for simple organization and classification
  • Review pagination

Plans & Pricing of Ultimate Reviewer

Ultimate Reviewer is a premium WordPress review plugin that does not have any FREE version. To use the Ultimate Reviewer plugin for building responsive review templates, you need to buy a regular license worth $ 45. After purchasing the regular license, you can install the plugin and create beautiful and responsive review widgets with this premium plugin’s help.

4. Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed


Google Review by Tagembed is a phenomenal plugin that helps you in collecting, curate, customize, and display social feeds on WordPress websites. The plugin provides you with a dedicated Google review widget that you can use to display Google reviews on your website.

And if you feel the contents from the Google reviews are not enough, the plugin provides you with the facility to pull content from 18+ social media platforms. 

As it is important to collect reviews, it is equally important to showcase them, or else what will be the point of collecting them, right? And as you can now add them to your website, your visitors must get to view them. Hence, the plugin allows you to personalize the widget as per your need. Now, you can make the widget attractive and pull the attention of your visitors and eventually prove your credibility. Alongside customization, it has different features that add great value to your strategy of embedding Google reviews on the website. 

In summary, the plugin eases the embedding process, provides various features, and fits the marketing budget, making it an ideal WordPress plugin. 

Features Of Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed

As mentioned above, it provides various features; here are some of the key features from many.

  • Customization option
  • Provides various themes and layouts
  • Responsive widget
  • Authority to moderate the widget
  • Streams all types of media without affecting the speed of the website
  • Allows to add custom CTA button
  • Provides crawlable feed
  • Analytics, custom CSS, and more

Plans & Pricing Of Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed

The plugin provides a Free-Forever plan, while the paid plan ranges between $9 per month and $39 per month. The affordable pricing adds a pro to this plugin.

5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Most SEO-Friendly WordPress Review Plugin

Schema- All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin helps you to write various types of posts using a rich snippet format, like product reviews. Simply click ‘Item Review’ from the drop-down menu while writing a blog post, and the plugin will show review options, including the name of the reviewer, the name of the product, and the rating of the star.

These details will be shown below your blog post with the right SEO-friendly markup. You may also use the plugin to connect posts, products, recipes, apps, and more.

Features of All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets

Curious to know the features of this amazing WordPress review plugin. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • It gives search engines only the important & precise information to display in search result snippets.
  • Rich Snippets are very interactive (photos, star ratings, price, author, etc.) to let you stand out from the competition.
  • See what difference it makes in CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • It helps you rank higher in search results
  • Helps Facebook display proper information when users share your links on Facebook

Plans & Pricing of All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets is an amazing WordPress review plugin that comes in both free as well as paid versions. Although the free version is also very fantastic but out this section is devoted to the premium plans starting at $59 per year and going up to $174 per year.

6. Site Reviews

Most Feature-Rich WordPress Review Plugin

Site Reviews

Site Reviews help you to collect user ratings about your goods, services, or your small company. It comes with a basic configuration page that lets you monitor how you want reviews to be collected and how you want them to be shown.

You can configure the review form and display it somewhere on your website using a shortcode.

You may also use the shortcode to show the ratings. The plugin adds an easy-to-use shortcode inserter on the post-edit screen to manually show feedback, review type, and review description.

Features of Site Reviews WordPress Plugin

Now we will strike hard at the features that you can avail yourself of from this WordPress review plugin.

  • Actively Developed and Supported
  • Asian Language Support
  • Assign Reviews to Categories: Add your categories and assign reviews to them.
  • Assign Reviews to Pages: Assign reviews to Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types like Woocommerce Products.
  • Assign Reviews to Users: Assign reviews to Users on your website.
  • Avatars: Provided by the WordPress Gravatar service
  • Backup and Restore: Export/Import your settings and custom translations, and use the WordPress Export and Import tools to back up your reviews.
  • Bayesian Ranking: Easily sort pages with assigned reviews by rank (using the Bayesian algorithm) in your custom WP_Query
  • Blacklist: Block review submissions that contain specific words, phrases, IP addresses, names, and emails
  • Developer Friendly: Designed for WordPress developers with over 100 hooks and convenient functions
  • Documentation: FAQ and documentation for hooks and all shortcodes and functions
  • Editor Blocks: Use the custom editor blocks in the Gutenberg editor
  • Form Styles: Match the review form with popular themes and form plugins

Plans & Pricing of Site Reviews

Although you can install Site Reviews free of cost from the WordPress directory very easily, This WordPress review plugin also offers some amazing premium licenses starting at €89 for a single site per year and going upto €289 for 6 sites per year.

Other 3 Best WordPress Review Plugins

Still didn’t get the perfect WordPress review plugin for your website?

Nothing to worry about !!! When you are at WPOven, we always consider all the queries of our audience. That’s why we never leave any stone unturned to bring the best content for you.

As always, we have come up with some more WordPress review plugins that are currently trending in the plugin marketplace. Wanna know more about them??

Let’s get started !!!

S.No.Plugin NamesPricingInstallation
1.WP Review Pro$ 67 – $ 199Official Website
2.Widget for Google Reviews$ 85/yrWordPress Directory
3.Photo Reviews for WooCommerce$ 16WordPress Directory


A WordPress review plugin is a very underrated add-on, but it proves to be a very profitable and outstanding plugin. This plugin proves to be a helping hand to make your website more innovative and boost your income. Plus, this will improve your website’s search engine ranking.

  • Most Lightweight WordPress Review Plugin: WP Customer Reviews
  • Most Customizable WordPress Review Plugin: Taqyeem
  • Best WordPress Review Plugin For Creating Personalized Templates: Ultimate Reviewer
  • Most Versatile WordPress Review Plugin With Amazing Review Module Design: Reviewer
  • Most SEO-Friendly WordPress Review Plugin: All in One Schema Rich Snippets
  • Most Feature-Rich WordPress Review Plugin: Site Reviews

Choose the right review plugins from the list mentioned above, which will meet all your requirements and budget. The common thing in all the plugins will definitely assist you in creating a review section on your website.

Talking about my own experience, I love the Site Reviews plugin for reviews. I have used both the free and paid versions; I loved both. Both work great. Everything about this plugin is so good.

Before going, don’t forget to mention your own favorite WordPress review plugin!!! Stay connected for more informative content.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which WordPress review plugin is best for an online store website?

Photo Review for WooCommerce is the best option if you are looking for the best WordPress review plugin for an online store. Photo Review for WooCommerce is perfect for displaying photo reviews and for selling out coupons.

Which is the Best WordPress Review Plugin for pulling reviews from Google and Yelp?

Google Reviews Widget is the most suitable choice for you if you want to automatically pull out great reviews from Google business reviews and Yelp. You can place the reviews in the header, footer, or sidebar as per your requirement.

Which is the best free WordPress review plugin?

If I talk about the free one, then WP Customer Reviews is the best free WordPress review plugin. It is a free and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. You can simply respond to all reviews that come from customers. 

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