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How to create a swap on Ubuntu 14.04

What is a Swap Partition ? A linux swap partition becomes useful when your server’s RAM gets full. When your RAM gets full, then your swap partition will act as a RAM for your other applications. But does not this mean this is a great alternative to having a large RAM, because a swap partition […]

How to create a cron job on a linux server

Cron is a command to the Server, for a job that is to be executed at a specified time. Cron is one of the most useful tool in a server. It can be run for jobs like creating backups, cleaning files, monitoring tasks etc. The ‘crontab’ command is used to edit/create cron jobs for the […]

How to update to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Linux Server

Before upgrading it is always recommended that you create a backup first. Step 1 : Check the current version of Ubuntu uname -mrs lsb_release -a This should return an output in the following format : Linux 3.2.0-51-generic x86_64 No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Release: 12.04 Codename: precise Step […]

How to Install IonCube Loaders in Linux Server

What is Ioncube loaderIoncube provides security by using encryption / Decryption for PHP applications and IonCube Loader is a PHP extension that works to decode PHP scripts previously encoded by the ionCube PHP Encoder package. It also helps speed up the PHP application execution and restrict unauthorized execution. To install IonaCube Loaders : Step 1 […]

How to search or find a File / Folder on your Linux Server ?

To locate files or folders on your Linux server through command line or bash, you can use the ‘find‘ command. The syntax for the find command is as follows : find {dirctory_to_search} {search_by} {pattern_to_search} [action] For Example, if you wish to search a file called ‘filename.php’ by name on the entire server. fine / -name […]