Add additional FTP / SFTP Users for site

In case you are looking to grant access to a someone and wish to create a temporary or additional SFTP user to access the site, you can do so from the following steps :

Step 1 : Log in to your WPOven Dashboard and navigate to the "Sites" section. Then select the site for which you wish to add a new SFTP User

Step 2 : Select the Tools subsection and scroll down.

Then click on the "SFTP User Manager" button

Enter the Desired Username and Password for the new SFTP user and click on the "Add SFTP User" button

NOTE : The username you enter here will only be a suffix of the actual username that will be created. We have this so to enhance security of our system

Step 3 : Once the SFTP user is successfully added to the site, you should see it's entry on the SFTP Manager page.

Please not that the SFTP login details would be

Host : Same as the Server Ip on which you site resides on. This can be seen from the "Servers" page from your WPOven dashboard.

Username : As seen in the SFTP Manager Page.

Password : As you entered while creating the SFTP User

Port : 22

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