Does WPOven support a SLA ?

WPOven is very happy to support it’s Managed WordPress Hosting services with this Service Level Agreement (SLA). The remedies set out below are the Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for issues covered by the SLA. While WPOven will not modify this SLA arbitrarily, but may do so from time-to-time.

1. Service Standard

We strive for 100% uptime for all our servers, but sometimes there might be an odd instance with the Datacenter provider or an update which requires the server to be shut down and restarted. Therefore we have a 99% uptime guarantee.

We will strive to respond to Downtime notifications presented by Clients within 30 minutes. This Response goal is a time to acknowledge only, not a time to resolve. Credits will not be given should we fail to meet our Error Response goal.

We realize that our Service Availability and Error Response goals may not be met. Accordingly, the next point sets out credits should we fail to meet the Service Availability.

2. How You Receive Credits

Your next monthly invoice will include a credit for our failure to meet the Service Availability goal, as demonstrated by the SAR. You will receive a credit of five percent of your total Fee (for the month in which the goal was not met) for every 2 hour in which we fail to meet the Service Availability goal. These Credits will be based on our monitoring, and it may not exceed the total amount of Fees you have paid to us for the month in which we failed to meet the Service Standards, may not be aggregated, and will not be paid in cash.

3. When Will You Not Receive Credits

In case we fail to meet the Service Availability goal due to scheduled maintenance outages, emergency maintenance or Force Majeure Events you will not receive a credit.

If the failure to meet either the Service Availability goal is based on a non-standard environment, Client machine access, Client authored code or changes to the Service by parties other than WPOven, you will not receive an SLA Credit.

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