Introduction to the SEM Manager

The SEM Manager helps you bring more people to your site and in turn helps you grow your business. Search Engine Management (SEM) provides a way to track your website growth, user interaction, Keywords targeting and many more.
Using the SEM Manager, you can get a closer look to your site's analytics, Boost your site's growth with Site audits, stay connected with Keywords tracking and get other useful data. Add your first site to SEM now.

Some of it's key features are :

Detailed Site Analytics

Get detailed site analytics for your site in easy to understand graphical representation.
See details like:

- Number of New users vs old users
- Country specific pageviews
- Type of device which, your visitors are using

to name a few

Social Tracking

Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the SEM Manager and track the activity there from the SEM Manager directly.

Keyword Tracking

See the Top Organic Keywords which bring the maximum traffic to your site and which position does your site rank for each of these keywords. Along with this the SEM Manager will also calculate your Top Organic Competitors and where they stand when compared to your site.

Keyword Discovery

Track your site's ranking for the targeted keywords in the Google top 100 results. See the current position, No. of Search queries and Cost per Click for each targeted keyword.

Weekly SEO Site Audits

Your entire site would be Audited once a week to check for any Errors, Warnings or Notices from a SEO standpoint and given a Total score. You will see detailed reports of all the issues which require getting fixed. Analyzing your website with the SEM Audit tool's reports helps you make it more accessible for search engine robots. It also helps you ensure a positive User Experience.
You will be able to :

- Optimize your internal and external links
- Add HTML tags where they are required or missing
- Make the webpage titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags comprehensible for users and search engines alike
- Detect error pages
- Find Duplicate content
- Check Broken images and alt tags

and test many other things

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