I can not login to my WordPress admin (wp-admin) area

In case you have forgot your WordPress admin login password or you are facing any other issue due to which you are not able to login to your wp-admin section, then we would recomend trying the following :
Step 1 : Login to your WPOven dashboard and navigate to the ‘Sites‘ menu.

Step 2 : To access the wp-admin section of the site you can either click on the Key icon that you see in the site list page

or you can access the site dashboard by clicking on the site name from the list and then you can try logging in to the admin section by clicking any of the 2 Key icons as shown in the screenshot below

Note : If the above method of login is not working for you, please navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab on the site Dashboard
Make sure the ‘Home url‘ field value is same as that of your site’s homepage URL. in case you are using https for the homepage, then make sure that this field has a https URL in it.

Step 3 : Once you have logged in to the wp-admin section, you can then change the user password or create a new user login from the ‘Users’ Menu

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