How to update the WordPress user password from the Database

If you have forgotten your WordPress user password and wish to update it, you can do so directly via the Database.
Step 1 : You would require access to your WordPress database. You can access the database via any database manager like PHPMyAdmin or Adminer. For this tutorial we will be using Adminer Database Manager.

Step 2 : Login to your database and Open the ‘WP_Users‘ table.

WP database users table

Step 3 : Edit the row corresponding to the user whose password you wish to change.

WP database users table edit

Step 4 : Create a MD5 Hash Encrypted string of the new Password. You can create a MD5 hash string using one of the many MD5 hash generators like or Miracle Salad

Step 5 : Enter the New Password MD5 string in the Password column and press ‘Save’.

WP database users table set new password

You WordPress user password is now updated.