php 5 vs php 7 – WordPress sites with Nginx

php-7-v-php5w2 In this post we will test the performance of the new PHP version, php 7 for WordPress sites running on Nginx., along with how to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 How to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 (with Nginx) on Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 server Step 1 : You need to add a PPA for PHP 7
After running this command, if you see an error message like :
This means that you need to install the package python-software-properties, …

Top 5 WordPress CDN – Performance comparison

Top WordPress CDN
You must have faced a slow website experience once a while in a day. Out of frustration you immediately look for alternative options on the SERPs. From the website owner’s point of view, it can be a disastrous situation. High bouncing rates can ultimately negatively affect your SEO. No matter how well you have hosted your website on the fastest dedicated servers, you cannot solely rely on them. Since the Web’s large network with trillions of users accessing millions of websites, …

ManageWP vs InfiniteWP vs MainWP: The Ultimate WordPress Management Tools Comparison

WordPress Management Tools
Managing a single WordPress site might seem easy even if it’s two or three. But when it comes to managing dozens of sites, here comes the most challenging part. And even it is impossible to manage with the help of some WordPress Management tools. If you have no idea what WordPress management tools are, let me make things easy for you. These are special tools that help you to manage multiple WordPress sites and that too from a single dashboard. …

Free SMTP Servers for Sending Emails – 2024

Free SMTP Servers
Best Free SMTP Servers – Comparison Table 2024 Free SMTP Servers Starting price Free email Daily limitFree Email
/MonthUsed forBrevo$25/month for
20K emails3009000SMTP, email marketing, SMS, and marketing automationElastic EmailsNo daily limit1003000Email campaignsSendpulse$6.40 for
Unlimited emails40015000Email marketing, WhatsApp campaigns, and SMSAmazon SES$0.10 per
1000 emailsNA62000Email marketing, notifications, and transactional emailsMailgun$35/month for
50K emails20050000 for the First 30 daysTransactional emailsGoogle SMTP$6/month for
2000 emails/day500mails/day
for 14 daysValid for 14 daysFor low email volumesSendgrid$19.95/month for
50K emails1003000Promotional emails, …

Joomla vs WordPress: The CMS Showdown 2024

Joomla vs WordPress
Joomla and WordPress are two of the leading, best, and easy-to-use content management systems (CMS). Millions of people are using these platforms around the world which make these two the preferred choice among other website management platforms. These two platforms are often compared with each other so it sounds like a match, say Joomla vs. WordPress.
Let us discuss their specifications one by one before getting into the detail of their comparison. Starting with WordPress. …