9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]

Do you know about WordPress Table plugins? Have you ever worked on an Excel sheet to create tables?

Yes! Surely you would have worked at least once in your life as you know that the tables are ideal for displaying information in an attractive and rational fashion. Readers can use them to absorb objective information and statistics more quickly by searching the table for specific information.

Do you know that you can build Excel sheets like tables in WordPress?

If not! Then the answer is YES; you can build Excel sheets like tables in WordPress. Even you can build more responsive and beautiful tables on WordPress to display the information descriptively and attractively.

You might be thinking that how can this be possible? No need to worry!! We’re always ready to guide our audience. Today we’ll discuss the best 9 WordPress table plugins that will create gorgeous and intuitive tables for your website. Go through the blog and select the best WordPress table plugin as per your requirement for creating beautiful tables for your website.

If you are in hurry, here is a quick comparison table of the best WordPress Table plugins you can check.

Best WordPress Table Plugins – Comparison Table 2023

WordPress Table PluginsPro version starts fromFree versionActive installsAverage WordPress.org rating out of 5
Ninja Tables$29 / yeartick1 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]80,000+4.6
TablePressFree tick1 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]800,000+5
wpDataTables$56 / yeartick1 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]70,000+4.5
Data Tables Generator By Supsystic$46 / yeartick1 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]30,000+4.7
League Table$39 (Lifetime)cross 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]2600+4.8
Posts Table Pro$79 (Lifetime)cross 9 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2023]NANA
Best WordPress Table Plugin comparison table

What Is A WordPress Table Plugin?

A WordPress table plugin is a plugin that provides you with features for creating responsive tables for your website. With tables, you can conveniently compare the functionality of different items. It’s a perfect way to create easy-to-read product lists with several columns and rows.

Importance Of WordPress Table Plugin In A Blog

A table is a nice way to view organized data on a WordPress site. If you think outside the box, you’ll be amazed by how many criteria can be fulfilled using tables. Let’s have a look at some of the important points.

  • Tables have a convenient layout for data that is too difficult to view as a list.
  • Tables can be used to construct a directory for the staff or the members.
  • You can use a table to create WordPress directories, such as a product directory, a staff directory, or a directory of business listings.
  • Price tables are an eye-catching way to display packages and pricing creatively.
  • Any WordPress table plugins often generate grid-style templates for common plugins, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and The Events Calendar. This could be better for developers than being required to build custom templates.

So, as we’ve discussed the importance of tables in a blog, I’m sure after reading this, you’ll be in a dilemma that how to find the best WordPress table plugin for your website.

No need to be confused. We’ve come up with the things you should keep in mind while selecting a WordPress table plugin.

Things To Keep In Mind While Creating A Table

Confused about how to create beautiful and responsive tables?

We’ve researched a lot to remove your confusion. To help you create attractive and intuitive tables for your website. We’ve listed some of the important things that you should keep in mind while creating a table.

  • It would be best if you’ll build tables that are visually attractive to your audience. If your tables are boring-looking, you’re only going to make things worse for your audience; whatever you plan to do with the WordPress table plugin, your goal should be to do so in the most attractive way possible.
  • You don’t need to build ground-breaking art for your tables, but let’s give everybody’s eyes something clean to look at and make their time on your website a positive user experience.
  • Your table must be mobile-responsive. If users cannot access tables on their mobile devices by scrolling, dragging, clicking, or tapping to enlarge data, then your table is not mobile responsive. Try to create tables that are more mobile responsive so that your website can be more user-friendly.
  • Your table will look hard to read and bulky if it is quite descriptive. So, try to write precisely and to the point so that your table will become more readable.

These were some of the most important things you should always keep in mind while creating a table. You should also keep these things in mind while choosing your WordPress Table plugin.

Now, you might be thinking about the best WordPress table plugin for your website to choose from.

To find the answer to this question, let’s move to the next topic of the blog. We’ve researched and reviewed a lot to find the best WordPress table plugins for you and prepared a complete list of the best 9 WordPress table plugins that you must use to create responsive tables for your website.

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9 Best WordPress Table Plugins in 2023

You might be wandering all over the internet to several websites to search for the best WordPress Table Plugins for your website.

Your search now ends here. We’ve come up with some of the top table plugins that you must try in 2022 and find the best one for your website. Stay connected with us throughout the whole list of WordPress table plugins, and I’m sure by the end of the list your mind will be crystal clear that which plugin you should go for.  So, let’s get started.

1. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is one of the most popular WordPress table plugins. It comes with a drag-and-drop table builder that helps you to rearrange columns and rows easily. It also has media support so that you can connect photos and other details to the tables.

The plugin comes with so many color options for columns and rows. You should apply custom styles to your tables and improve your user interface. Ninja Tables lets you build completely responsive tables that look amazing on all screen sizes.

Ninja Tables provides you with the best experience building WordPress tables in any way you can. No matter how you choose to build your WordPress table, you can do so without writing a single line of code.

Features of Ninja Tables Plugin

Let’s discuss the features offered by the Ninja Tables plugin.

  • Freedom to choose from100+ pre-built table styles.
  • Comes with the 3 most popular CSS libraries with an unlimited color schema.
  • No need to have any coding knowledge. The drag-and-drop table builder is so very easy to use.
  • Directly integrate WooCommerce into the list of your products for making comparisons.
  • A variety of customization tools are provided to make your table stand out, such as single line cells, fixed layout, hover rows, bordered table, table inverse, striped rows, Bootstrap 3 table styles, Bootstrap 4 table styles, Semantic UI table styles, and many more.
  • Provides you with the support of media uploads.

Having so many features to grab in a single pocket, Ninja Tables is bound to be our favorite WordPress table plugin.

Plans & Pricing of Ninja Tables Plugin

Apart from the free version, Ninja Tables also comes with premium plans. Just like its performance, Ninja Tables comes up with the most affordable pricing plan. The premium plan starts at $29 per year and goes upto $119 per year, offers you more, and charges you less compared to the competitors.

2. TablePress


TablePress is one of the most popular free WordPress table plugins available. TablePress is a plugin for the WordPress publishing platform that is free and open source. It helps, without any coding experience, you to build and maintain tables on your website. A friendly GUI enables you to edit table data quickly.

It allows us to easily produce simple and beautiful tables. It has a spreadsheet-like backend interface that allows you to add details without writing a single line of code.

You may use shortcodes to connect these tables to your websites, updates, and widget areas. Filters, pagination, and sorting are provided by TablePress. It requires tables from Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files to be imported/exported. 

Features of TablePress Plugin

Let’s understand what features this WordPress table plugin offers

  • You can place the created table anywhere in your post or pages just by using a simple shortcode.
  • Compatible with other plugins also.
  • You can import data to your tables from CSV and Excel too.
  • Adds its own admin interface category to the main menu, allowing you to create and update tables and then enter data from the table in the Visual Table Builder.
  • Duplicate, delete tables, and sort table data by just using drag and drop.
  • Integrates with the Data Tables jQuery plugin.
  • Export and import tables for sharing across platforms, individually or in bulk.

These were the quality features offered by the TablePress plugin.

Plans & Pricing of TablePress Plugin

TablePress is a free plugin that is open source. A premium extension called Responsive Tables, however, will help you solve any technological restrictions created when the minimum table width is greater than the width of the content area available. 

There are no such fixed charges from the premium extension but to download the premium extension of TablePress, you’ve to make a donation to the developer and the recommended amount for donation is $ 12.


3. wpDataTables


wpDataTables is a well-established and one of the most powerful WordPress table plugin with more than 9,000 users. It operates in the same way as TablePress, but you pay a one-off price for all features instead of purchasing each add-on individually. This will turn out to be cheaper, or more costly, based on the specifications.

It helps you to import Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML files to WordPress tables easily. It has custom options to change colors, rename headings, rearrange data, and add CSS to your table layout. The plugin allows you to add up to a limit of 150 rows.

Features of wpDataTables Plugin

wpDataTables is a feature-packed plugin that comes with a pocket full of features. Let’s have a look at the features it offers.

  • Designed to make the process of data representation and interaction quick, easy, and effective for its users.
  • Allows you to quickly build and insert interactive tables and charts in any of your WordPress posts or pages with such features as multi-criteria filtering, sorting, or exporting to PDF.
  • Tables can be created from any virtual data source, such as MySQL query, Google Spreadsheet, PHP array, Excel file, CSV file, JSON, and XML.
  • You can also generate MySQL queries to the WordPress database, or to any MySQL database without any knowledge of SQL.

These were the features offered by the wpDataTables plugin using which you can build responsive and intuitive data tables on WordPress.

Plans & Pricing of wpDataTables Plugin

Now let’s have a quick discussion on the plan and pricing offered by the wpDataTables plugin. Although you can install this plugin from your WordPress directory for free, if you want to avail yourself of all the premium add-ons, the paid plans start from $56 per year and go upto $150 per year.

4. Data Tables Generator By Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is also a free WordPress table plugin with more than 20,000 downloads. It has all the features you get from the premium table plugins, plus several more styling options to build professional-looking tables. It is really impressive for a free table plugin.

It lets you build elegant, sensitive tables from your WordPress dashboard without writing any code. It supports diagrams, images, and charts. You can construct data diagrams in your table.

Features of Data Tables Generator By SupsysticPlugin

Data Tables Generator includes so many customization tools that offer you the following features:

  • User editing capabilities
  • Unlimited table size
  • Pagination for large tables
  • User sorting and search capabilities
  • Responsive modes
  • Table online builder
  • Front end editing
  • Database source
  • Charts and diagrams

So this was all about the features provided by Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.

Plans & Pricing of Data Tables Generator By SupsysticPlugin

Although the free version of the plugin contains an ample amount of features, if you upgrade to the pro version, you’ll get all the free version features plus a pack of premium templates along with role restrictions. Their premium plans start at $46 per year for a single website and go up to $149 per year for more than 6 websites.

5. League Table

League Table

League Table is a popular premium WordPress table plugin. It contains 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, and 13 general options. It has an integrated multi-column sorting method that you can use to build a table of some kind.

It has a spreadsheet-like editor that helps you quickly enter data and monitor your tables. You can highlight any colored cell property. The most special aspect of this plugin is its support for typographic types and mathematical formulas.

Features of League TablePlugin

League Table plugin includes the following features:

  • The plugin is multilanguage. 
  • Importing and exporting functionality saves your tables as XML files. 
  • Mathematical formulas are supported in all tables. 
  • Options for inserting HTML and JavaScript code in cells.
  • Interface hides and displays less important columns or rows.
  • Contains one of the largest collections of customization tools.
  • The spreadsheet editor provides you with the privilege of copying over data directly from Ms. Excel and Google Sheets.

So this was all about the features provided by the League Table plugin.

Plans & Pricing of League Table Plugin

League Table is a premium WordPress table plugin that does not have any FREE version. To use the League Table plugin for building responsive pricing tables, you need to buy a regular license worth $ 39. After purchasing the regular license, you can install the plugin and build intuitive tables for your website with this premium plugin’s help.

6. Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro lets you set up tables to arrange your posts and pages. It doesn’t encourage you to build custom Excel tables. Instead, it lets you get your current WordPress content and show it in a table on your blog. This is extremely useful when you pair it with a custom post style.

Posts Table Pro displays content from the WordPress site in a searchable, sortable table. By applying a simple shortcode to every website or article, you can view content in a different way without writing a single line of code. It helps you to view regular posts, blogs, custom post categories, items, events, custom fields, custom taxonomies, and other data in a table. The table is extremely customizable and you can select which knowledge columns are shown and check how the table behaves.

Features of Posts Table Pro Plugin

Posts Table Pro plugin is a WordPress table plugin that offers you premium features such as:

  • Display custom fields and Taxonomies
  • Display a large number of posts with no performance loss, using AJAX lazy loading.
  • Contains quick search, sorting, and filters.
  • Display multimedia content in the table, including images, embedded audio or video
  • Provides full control over the multimedia content

So this was all about the features provided by the Posts Table Pro Plugin.

Plans & Pricing of Posts Table ProPlugin

Posts Table Pro is a premium plugin that does not have any FREE version. In order to buy this plugin, you need to visit their official website, where you will find their paid plans are starting at $79 for a single website and goes up to $109.

Other 6 Best WordPress Table Plugins Comparision

We have also sorted some of the other best WordPress table plugins that you can choose from.

S. No. Plugin NameStarting PriceInstallation
7.ARPrice$ 27WordPress Directory
8.CSS3 Responsive Tables$ 27CodeCanyon
9.WP Table Builder$49 – $249WordPress Directory


So, guys, this was all about the best 9 WordPress table plugins that you can use in your WordPress website for creating beautiful and responsive tables. 

Tables can be useful tools for displaying data on any site, particularly e-commerce stores. Sometimes it’s a necessary part of the posts and pages, and adding them to your site doesn’t have to be difficult. As we’ve seen, there are a number of WordPress table plugins that help you with the task.

If you’re planning to use tables on your site, then you should definitely go for the WordPress table plugins that we’ve mentioned in this blog.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What if I will not include any table on my website?

Yes, you can keep your website table-free. It’s not mandatory to include a table on your website. But the table has its own advantages as it displays your content in a clean and clear format by arranging them in the form of rows and columns.

How can I create a table manually on my WordPress website without using any plugins?

Yes, you create a table manually on your WordPress website. It’s quite simple. In order to create a table manually without using any plugin, first, you need to create a table on Google Docs or Microsoft Word as per your requirements. After that copy and paste the table from the word processor to your WordPress page visual editor. In the end, just correct the formatting issues wherever required in the table.
But one drawback of the manual table is that it will be completely simple, and not that attractive. If you want attractive and responsive tables then read our blog, we have listed the best 9 WordPress table plugins for your website.

How can I add tables to my WordPress website without having any coding knowledge?

In order to add tables to your WordPress website without having any coding knowledge, you need WordPress table plugins to be installed on your website. If you are confused about which WordPress table plugin should you choose. Then hold on!
We’ve listed the best 9 WordPress table plugins in this blog. You can read that and then decide which WordPress table plugin suits you the best.

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