Can I add a Non-WordPress (Static HTML) site on my WPOven server ?

Though WPOven is a Dedicated Managed WordPress hosting service, we do allow you to add Non WordPress sites as well, but since our Support team is equipped to provide support for WordPress sites only, we would not be able to provide the same support for the Non WordPress sites, as we do for the WordPress sites.
To add a Non WordPress site :

Step 1 : Login in to the WPOven dashboard and add the site from the 'Add Site' form. :

Step 2 : Once the site is added to your dashboard, login via any SFTP client like FileZilla using your SFTP login information. In the Site's 'public_html' folder delete all the files, EXCEPT the 'wp-config.php' file. If 'wp-config.php' file is deleted, you will lose the WPOven dashboard functionality for this site. You will not be able to use the features like the Database Manager, File Manager etc.

Step 3 : Now you can add the files and folders of your Non WordPress site into the 'public_html' folder.

Step 4 : From the Site Tools section in the WPOven dashboard, use the 'Clear Cache' tool and the 'Fix Permissions' Tool. Once that is done, the site should show up.

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