How can I migrate my site to WPOven myself

To Migrate your site on your own you require the following :

Step I : Export your Database from your old hosting provider.

-Locate your Database on your current hosting and export and save it locally, either as a CSV or SQL file.

Step II: Download your 'wp-content' Folder from your current hosting.

-You can login via FTP using clients like FileZilla and download a copy of the 'wp-content' folder locally.

Step III : Import your Database to WPOven

-Firstly you will need to add a site in your WPOven account.

-Open the Database manager for the site. You can find out how to do this here

-Click on the 'Import' button placed on the left side of the page and upload the Database file, which you downloaded from your current hosting and press 'Execute'.

Step IV : Transfer the 'wp-content' folder

-You need to login to any FTP client (like FileZilla) using your site's SFTP details. You can find the details here

-Now just copy your 'wp-content' folder, which you downloaded from your current hosting and overwrite the 'wp-content' folder you see in the FTP client.

-Now go to your sites ip link from your site page in WPOven , it should come up.

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